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Turn your music station into a dynamicinteractive experience.


Get your station to stand out with LDR - Listener Driven Radio.

Since 2009, LDR has helped thousands of forward-thinking radio teams bring a truly interactive experience to their stations.

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Engaged hundreds of millions oflisteners in local radio programming

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Patented interactive audiencetechnology in 151 countries

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Driven millions of tune-in occasions


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Song Alerts technology proven in aNielsen Audio study to drive tune-ins and TSL

Six different ways for users to choose their music controlled behind the scenes by you.

Voting sessions give listeners a voice at your station. They can let their voices be heardin six unique and flexible ways. You can also decide how little or how much control you want to give to listeners, whether that is one song a day, 24/7 programming,or anything in between.

Pit 3-4 songs against each other around stopsets

Listeners pick the #1 most- voted song each hour

Listeners pick every song for an hour or daypart

Listeners decide on a “Top 5 at 5:00” (or similar type of format) in real time

Pit 2 songs against each other, and let listeners choose which 2 songs will face off next

Pit 2 songs against each other, with animated avatars that visibily “fight” to see who wins

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Song Alerts allow users to be notified however they wish when their favorite songs are about to play.

Our patented Song Alerts feature allows listeners to know exactly when their favorite songs are about to play through their choice of tweet, text, email, or even push notification when integrated with your Futuri Mobile app. Per a Nielsen Audio study, stations using Song Alerts had a 5.75% increase in tune-in occasions and 30% increase in TSL vs. a control group of stations not using Song Alerts.

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Voicetracked? No problem.

LDR’s complete automation integration into all major playout systems allows listenersto interact with your station regardless of how you’re running the show

Full Automation SystemIntegration:

• Nexgen • AudioVault • WideOrbit • SS32• Maestro • OpX • Station Playlist • ENCO• Zetta

Basic Automation SystemIntegration:

• RCS Master Control • MediaTouch• SAM Broadcaster • Player 101

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Gain insights into the music your listeners love.

Our system provides data-driven insights in reports or a dashboard that is focused entirely on your listeners’ tastes in music measured via industry-standard Pop Score.

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