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TopLine whitepaper
TopLine Webinar: Succeeding Through the Back Half of the Year

TopLine Webinar: Succeeding Through the Back Half of the Year

Just because Q2 has been rough doesn’t mean you can’t hit…
Jim headhshot

Jim Tarantine Promoted to Product Manager, TopLine at Futuri

Cleveland, Ohio, June 8, 2020 – Longtime media executive Jim…

Why Futuri

Today, every company is a media company. It’s never been more important to deliver the right message to the right people at the right time. That could be consumers, listeners, viewers, advertisers — whomever your business needs to reach.

Leveraging 10+ years of deep roots in technology innovation, as well as broadcast media and content production, marketing, and distribution, Futuri solutions enable brands to draw audiences in, keep them engaged, and inspire them to take actions that positively impact business results.

Drive measurable results with Futuri.

Futuri specializes in empowering brands with outcome-driven technology that allows you to connect with audiences and advertisers like never before. We can give you better focus to grow revenue, bigger results to increase audience reach, and brighter futures for your business through the increased engagement our solutions power.

Our Clients

Futuri has been named Tech Company of the Year by OHTec multiple times and has earned our place on the Inc 5000 List of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies for six consecutive years. Our innovations power some of the world’s biggest media and entertainment brands.

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“We’ve been big fans of Daniel and Futuri for years. They know the tech, research and listener engagement side of radio better than anybody else out there, just like ReelWorld knows a thing or two about making amazing jingles, imaging and sonic branding. With Tether, we were able to focus on our core strengths and join together to build a product that gives stations the best of both companies.”

“As the main ‘POST’-master at our station, I’ve become a raving fan of Futuri! POST very easy to learn and use from putting together off-air podcasts, to using the imbedded skimmer for “best of” segments. Plus a licensed library of pics to make the posts pop, what’s not to love!? I’ve used a number of other services, but with Futuri I get more done in half the time!”

“Literally use Prep+ every single day. It’s the one site I HAVE to look at before jumping on the air. With Prep and the liners all in one place, it’s as easy as it gets for my teams and I. And in the new radio world of multitasking.. simple, quick and easy is KEY. “

“The team at Futuri is 100% customer-focused and willing to work alongside us to ensure the collateral it produces is impactful and will meet our customer’s needs for information. Not only is the team flexible to accommodate our unique requests, but also proactive in delivering powerful facts and figures through one-pagers that our sellers can quickly use to secure appointments or bolster proposals.”

“I use Futuri for many reasons

1) It saves me time because you guys do the research.
2) It also saves me time because I no longer have to create the proposal but simply insert my schedule and tweak it.
3) Your creative ability surpasses mine and the proposals are attractive.
4) You build stories that I sometimes don’t see or didn’t think of.
5) The map is a nice touch for some clients
6) Your team has been very accommodating for me. I have had some instances where I was on the clock and your team worked with me to get the proposal done on time.”



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