Turbocharge your radio brand with more compelling, profitable tools and content – powered by Futuri‘s leading-edge AI solutions.

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Radio’s Challenge

We are at the end of radio as we knew it and
at the beginning of new AI-enabled opportunities.

That’s why Futuri created Futuri AudioAI along with a suite of AI-powered audio and sales tools designed to make it easier to increase your audience and your sales.

If you are a broadcast radio owner, executive, or would just like to make better radio…

Our AI will help you to build the best audio brand today.

How We Help

Our easy-to-use solutions for Radio are designed to help you grow your audience, create the best content, and drive revenue growth.
We even created Futuri AudioAI (formerly RadioGPT) to make it easier to use AI to create spec spots and production, “always-live” service elements (weather, news), automated podcast creation, or even AI DJs to create new on-air features and shifts.

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