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High-quality, ultra-reliable streaming that pays for itself.

Is your stream as easy to use as Pandora or Spotify?

More of your audience is streaming every day. Futuri Streaming prioritizes the experience for both the listener and the station to take advantage of the growing audience and revenue opportunities.

Break through firewalls and increase your audience with HLS
The world’s only intelligent streaming transmitter
24/7 VIP Support and proactive monitoring
Technology in use by billion-dollar brands
99.999% uptime in 2016

The Futuri Streaming difference.

For the listener

• Best possible audio experience

• Great results on even not-so-great connections

• Interactive players bring the audio to life

• Easy to access streams behind firewalls at work

For the station

• Extremely low maintenance

• 24/7 VIP Support and proactive monitoring

• Multiple options to monetize the stream

• Partnership that extends beyond the stream itself

HLS technology from Apple.

Futuri Streaming uses HLS technology, which is optimized for mobile devices and lower-bandwidth connections. And it’s firewall-friendly, which we’ve seen result in double-digit increases in listening.

Media Source Extensions technology.

Futuri Streaming also uses the Flash-less Media Source Extensions technology, which YouTube and Netflix rely on to deliver a high-quality, reliable experience on even the worst Internet connections.

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The world’s only intelligent streaming transmitter.

Streaming’s ultra-reliable, broadcast-ready streaming transmitter uses industrial-grade components and dual power supplies, with remotely accessible configuration.

Solid connectivity.

Your stream is delivered through a private network via Limelight–one of the world’s largest CDNs.

Proactive stream monitoring and support

We watch the heartbeat of your stream, proactively managing uptime and connectivity.

A transmitter that cares about playing spots

Flawless ad insertion and sales support for immediate monetization.

Superior audio quality

Omnia audio processing is built-into every transmitter.

Targeted ads wherever people listen.

Monetize your streaming audience with branded naming rights, ride along display, and first impression pre-roll.

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Monitor and improve performance with Futuri Streaming’s analytics.

A wealth of real-time performance metrics are available 24/7 in Futuri Streaming’s analytics dashboard.

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Futuri Streaming makes monetization easy.

Want to sell all of your inventory? Some of it? None of it? Futuri Streaming gives you flexible, turnkey options for generating revenue, including the new Futuri Ad Network.

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Words from our Partners

Training, consulting, and 24/7 VIP Support. No one does it better, period.


Comprehensive training at the time of setup, and for any new hires, any time.


Our Partner Success team proactively monitors your performance and can advise on specific ways to grow.

24/7 Support

Lightning-fast support any time from a team that’s compensated on resolving issues quickly and completely.

Discover how Futuri Streaming can power your success.

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Futuri Media is a global leader in SaaS technology designed to drive audience and revenue growth by deepening consumers’ trust in, affinity for, and loyalty to brands and the teams who represent them. Futuri Media’s audience engagement and sales technology, for which it holds 11 published or pending patents in 151 countries, is used by thousands of broadcasters and publishers worldwide. Named to the Inc. 5000 List of America’s fastest-growing private companies for four consecutive years, Futuri Media’s best-in-class customer support is a key driver of its growth. Founded by CEO Daniel Anstandig in 2009, Futuri Media is dedicated to driving measurable success for its partners through innovative SaaS technology, proactivity, speed, and trust in all of its relationships.