A.I for Television

Our A.I.-powered technology and solutions will help you create a more compelling, profitable, & engaging TV brand in your local markets.


Today’s Television Landscape

Broadcast and cable television have more competition than ever before. Audiences are harder to attract and keep.

TV networks now face the daunting challenge of facing the ever-growing streaming competition, all while audiences are becoming more and more fragmented.

With the constant pressure for sales to boost advertising revenue and programming to enhance viewer engagement, networks need proven technology that will increase their marketshare while keeping costs in check.

That’s why Futuri, with our 15 years of experience in media, have create a suite of AI-enabled products to help TV networks build local market connection, diversify broadcasts, and meet the demands of today’s audiences.


How TV Can Use A.I.

News directors, sales managers, and digital content creators can all leverage A.I. with Futuri’s media-focused suite of solutions. Our systems are designed to maximize your talent so that they can expedite sales, deepen viewer loyalty, and provide personalized content.