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Make technology work for you and set yourself apart from the competition with TopLine, the sales enablement system that uses AI, qualitative and quantitative research, and strong visuals to advance every stage of the sales process. Log in now.

Shorten your sales cycle, increase conversion rates, and make the most of your team’s talents. TopLine mitigates your challenges and maximizes your results.

Constant new initiatives to juggle, a changing competitive landscape, and team turnover can make it tougher than ever for you to protect and grow your share of business. TopLine streamlines the sales process with our suite of sales intelligence, data visualization, and appointment prep tools that are there with your team every step of the way.

TopLine’s business acumen content helps your team uncover new prospects. Our AI-driven personality prep tools help them develop a rapport with decision-makers. And our wide variety of custom research assets, from category pieces that can position you as a thought leader on your socials to full client-specific presentations, help tell your brands’ stories in more effective, sophisticated ways.

TopLine Infographic
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TopLine Infographic

Advance every stage of your sales process with TopLine’s variety of tools.

Access your TopLine account from your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Appear as an instant expert with Local Insights pieces, available 24/7.

Infographics on category trends and market conditions, based on up-to-the-minute research, help with prospecting and positioning you as a thought leader on social.

Rebound from COVID19

The updated dashboard is designed to help you with the 2 closes: Closing the Appointment and Closing the Deal.

Customize your story to fit the right buyer. TopLine has several options for assets that will get their attention and improve your selling success.

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TopLine Auto Acumen

Business acumen content, published several times daily, helps everyone from rookies to veteran sellers understand market trends and how they tie back to growing your business.

With TopLine Personality Prep Reports, simply enter a small amount of information on a decision-maker and get AI-driven insights on the best way to communicate in their preferred style.

TopLine Personality Prep
TopLine Digital Prep

Digital Prep Reports give you insight into your prospects’ digital marketing efforts and how you can help fill in the gaps.

Looking for innovative ways to break through to key decision-makers?

Ah, summer. It’s great when you can enjoy your own time off — and for sales executives, it’s maddening when you can’t even get an email back from clients and prospects who are focused on their own R&R. So how do you break through and make such a great impression that your target wants to take that meeting *right away* instead of waiting until they can coordinate vacation schedules?

Enter TopLine’s latest webinar on demand: Don’t Let the Summer Slump Kill Your Q3! How to Break Through When It Seems Like Everyone’s On Vacation. In this webinar, Kathy Eagle and AJ Vaughan from Futuri’s TopLine team outline innovative, intriguing ways to break through to key decision-makers in a way that creates urgency and sets you up for revenue success in Q3 and beyond.

Achieve your revenue goals and beat the market with TopLine.


Working from home or on the road? No problem. TopLine’s available on your computer, tablet, or through our smartphone app.


Get your prospects to yes, quickly. In as little of one business day, TopLine can deliver custom, client-specific research that turns your ratings story into a qualitative story about your unique audience.


With TopLine, there’s no cash cost, yet you have access to incredibly powerful technology designed to strengthen your team at a fraction of the cost of increasing your payroll.

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My AE’s and I LOVE TopLine because it really helps us come in to a prospect with a quality VBR, and it makes them feel like we really did our research…we also really love it for presentations because it’s very quick, easy, and resourceful.

– Emily Ward, LSM/DSM, Audacy Chattanooga

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