Press Release: Futuri AudioAI™ Introduces Live AI-powered Co-Hosts and CallerAI Listener Interaction 


Futuri AudioAI™ Introduces Live AI-powered Co-Hosts and CallerAI Listener Interaction 

Futuri, a pioneer in AI-driven solutions for broadcast and media companies, today unveiled enhancements to its Futuri AudioAI™ platform. These innovations represent a significant leap forward in integrating AI with live broadcast programming, podcasts, and audience interaction. 

At the forefront of these advancements is the introduction of real-time AI with CoHostAI™, which creates a seamless collaboration between human hosts and AI personalities during live broadcasts. This breakthrough feature empowers hosts to engage in natural, dynamic conversations with AI counterparts, delivering a captivating and immersive experience for listeners. 

Futuri also announced new CallerAI™ technology, where listeners can ‘call in’ and talk directly with AI. Conversations are recorded with permission of listeners, and may be used on the air. This level of interaction and connection between listeners and AI opens up new possibilities for audience engagement and creates unique on-air content and audience experiences. 

Both capabilities facilitate direct interaction between AI, listeners, and AI hosts, allowing engagement in meaningful conversations with AI personalities. This level of engagement helps to create new possibilities for live shows and podcasters, foster deeper connections between stations and their audiences, enrich the on-air experience and open up new avenues for audience participation. 

Futuri CEO Daniel Anstandig expressed excitement about the potential impact of these latest AI technologies on the broadcast and media industry. “Our mission is to empower broadcasters and creators to grow audience and revenue by creating compelling, interactive content that captivates audiences and fosters lasting connections,” said Anstandig. “Futuri’s team continues to push the boundaries of technology and engineering with AudioAI.” 

About Futuri Media 

Futuri is a global leader in AI solutions that drive audience and revenue growth for broadcasters, digital publishers, and content creators. Founded in 2009, Cleveland-based Futuri is at the forefront of AI-powered audience engagement and sales technology, trusted by thousands of broadcasters around the world. Key solutions include TopLine, a sales intelligence system designed to enhance local advertising sales and expedite the sales cycle; TopicPulse, an AI-powered story discovery system that provides real-time insights and predictions about trending topics; AudioAI, a cutting-edge system that enables broadcasters to create AI-powered hosts, streamline commercial production, and automate podcast creation; and POST, a system that automatically converts broadcasts into podcasts. 

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