Futuri Media Launches Alexa Skills For Radio Stations

Global leader in audience engagement technology

Futuri Media Launches Alexa Skills For Radio Stations

Alexa Futuri

Custom Alexa Skills enable radio stations to be integrated into Amazon devices

Futuri Media, a global leader and innovator in media technology, today announced that their clients will have access to customized Alexa Skills for their radio stations. With Alexa Skills, stations can deliver their streaming and on-demand content to devices like the Amazon Echo, Tap, and Dot.

“Amazon Alexa-enabled devices have exploded in popularity this year. Seeing the potential audience and revenue lift associated with this rapidly-expanding audio distribution channel, we’ve made development in the ‘smart speaker’ space a priority,” said Futuri Media CEO Daniel Anstandig. “It’s a tremendous opportunity for broadcast brands to stay on the cutting edge.”

Some examples of Futuri’s customized Alexa Skills:

Streaming your favorite station can be as simple as asking…

  • Alexa, start playing Star 95
  • Alexa can play your station’s custom forecast (with a sponsor!)…

Alexa, ask Star 95 for the weather

  • Or your latest local news…

Alexa, ask Star 95 for the latest news

Parties interested in learning how Futuri Media can work with their stations to develop custom Alexa Skills can reach out to their Futuri Media partner rep or partner@futurimedia.com.


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