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Powerful AI that helps you deliver the most relevant and timely content to your target audience in the most efficient manner possible.

Real-time, AI-powered story discovery and social content for what’s coming next.

Stop covering yesterday’s news and start covering what’s next.

TopicPulse ContentAdvantage’s real-time, AI-powered story discovery and social content tools keep you ahead of the local stories and angles that matter most to your specific target audience.

TopicPulse ContentAdvantage technology is your ultimate content compass. So much more than just local Twitter trends, TopicPulse ContentAdvantage scans social platforms plus 100k+ other sources to learn what your audience is talking about, and how.

With TopicPulse ContentAdvantage, you can deliver the most relevant, timely content available in the most efficient manner possible. An invaluable tool for staying ahead of the competition, TopicPulse ContentAdvantage’s predictive capabilites tell you where the news is going, based on what your audience finds relevant.

TopicPulse ContentAdvantage even has content features that deliver copy points on the day’s top stories, help you up your social video game, and take the guesswork out of writing viral posts.

Hashtags & Keywords

You need to keep your brand active, engaging and relevant on socials. With hashtags and keywords formulated by TopicPulse ContentAdvantage, we give you the compass to do just that. We write the content, you go viral.

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Stay ahead of the conversation. TopicPulse ContentAdvantage shows you what’s trending now, what’s about to go viral, and what topics are starting to get stale — powerful insights for homepage programming, social posts, and content selection.

TopicPulse ContentAdvantage

Predictive AI that identifies what your audience is talking about right now, what’s about to go viral, what’s starting to get stale, and what engaging stories you can beat your competition on to get and stay ahead.

With unlimited seats, your whole team will stay ahead with TopicPulse ContentAdvantage.


Get quick insights so you can spend more time managing your team and content, and less time hunting for hot stories

TopicPulse ContentAdvantage Resources

See what stories are trending with your target audience. Be the first to cover the stories that are growing quickly on social platforms, but not yet getting heavy media coverage in your market, plus the national stories that are about to go viral.

Track how a topic will grow with the hashtags and keywords provided by TopicPulse ContentAdvantage that will help you drive your audience engagement on that topic.

TopicPulse Instant Video delivers videos on the hottest stories before they go viral with your branding attached. Deploy to your website and social platforms as is – or easily make edits to customize your videos even more.

Constantly updated in the TopicPulse app 24/7 and delivered to your email twice-daily for morning and evening news, IdeaStarters™ take TopicPulse ContentAdvantage insights and craft copy that can be used as-is on-site, on social platforms, or in newsletters to your readers.

New! TopicPulse Instant Video

Video: You need it. We can make it faster.

Easy to make, branded videos using fully licensed footage customized with voice overs or custom text – perfect for sharing on your websites, apps, and social media feeds. Ensure your posts have video content hours before the story peaks and goes viral, not after.

Build your Socials

Video is key to growing your social platforms. In fact, Facebook users engage with video 60% more than any other type of post.

Build your Profits

Increase in video viewing = More pre-roll inventory = MORE REVENUE

Cumbersome software and work-flow challenges can make it hard to create video content when you need it, and sometimes by the time your video is ready to be distributed, the story has already peaked.

Not so with us! With TopicPulse Instant Video, you constantly have white-labeled videos on the hot-topics of the day, easy to post on digital and social platforms.

Video Production for Every Platform


Web & TV


Facebook, Instagram & Twitter


Snapchat, IGTV, Instagram Stories & TikTok

TopicPulse ContentAdvantage delivers content your way.

Use one or use them all. TopicPulse ContentAdvantage has four unique ways to keep you on top of the best story ideas for your audiences. Choose from:

  • Desktop app
  • Mobile app
  • IdeaStarters™ emails (2x daily, AM and PM delivery)
  • Slack integration (Hourly top three stories for your format, and breaking news)

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