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Shorten your sales cycle, increase conversion rates, and make the most of your team’s talents. TopLine mitigates your challenges and maximizes your results.

Constant new initiatives to juggle, a changing competitive landscape, and team turnover can make it tougher than ever for you to protect and grow your share of business. TopLine streamlines the sales process with our suite of sales intelligence, data visualization, and appointment prep tools that are there with your team every step of the way.

TopLine’s business acumen content helps your team uncover new prospects. Our AI-driven personality prep tools help them develop a rapport with decision-makers. And our wide variety of custom research assets, from category pieces that can position you as a thought leader on your socials to full client-specific presentations, help tell your brands’ stories in more effective, sophisticated ways.

TopLine webinar: Succeeding Through the Back Half of the Year

Just because Q2 has been rough doesn’t mean you can’t hit your 2020 sales goals. TopLine has put together a webinar featuring some of the most creative and successful radio sales executives from around the country to discuss their approach on topics like: Today’s new pain points and how they’re addressing them; What new and emerging categories they’re seeing; How, or if, they’re planning to continue a WFH (or hybrid) model for their teams; and Team coaching strategies: How they’ve evolved in the last few months.

Succeeding Through the Back Half of the Year is can’t-miss programming for sales executives who are determined to succeed in the new normal. While this live webinar has already taken place, you are welcome to request access to the on-demand webinar for either session by reaching out to us. Here’s to turning things around and turning 2020 into a success! Want to access this webinar? Reach out to us with your request!

Achieve your revenue goals and beat the market with TopLine.


Working from home or on the road? No problem. TopLine’s available on your computer, tablet, or through our smartphone app.


Get your prospects to yes, quickly. In as little of one business day, TopLine can deliver custom, client-specific research that turns your ratings story into a qualitative story about your unique audience.


With TopLine, there’s no cash cost, yet you have access to incredibly powerful technology designed to strengthen your team at a fraction of the cost of increasing your payroll.

TopLine News

TopLine Business Acumen Series Digest: August 3rd, 2020 Edition

This week: Back to school opportunities, hair wellness takes off, rise in interest in auto sales, how mortgage lenders and real estate agents must set themselves apart, and more.
TopLine Business Acumen Digest

TopLine Business Acumen Series Digest: July 27, 2020 Edition

This week: Back to school opportunities, hair wellness takes off, rise in interest in auto sales, how mortgage lenders and real estate agents must set themselves apart, and more.
TopLine Business Acumen Digest: July 20, 2020 Edition

TopLine Business Acumen Series Digest: July 20, 2020 Edition

TopLine’s Business Acumen Series features business trends and opportunities to help sales professionals prospect and engage clients.

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Make the most of your sales team’s time and close more business.


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My AE’s and I LOVE TopLine because it really helps us come in to a prospect with a quality VBR, and it makes them feel like we really did our research…we also really love it for presentations because it’s very quick, easy, and resourceful.

– Emily Ward, LSM/DSM, Entercom Chattanooga

“TopLine’s Digital Prep Report is great, it allows us to gather info quickly on what they are doing digitally at a higher level.”

“The TopLine Infographic provided me excellent positioning, showcasing my station’s relationship with parents with teens in the home. TopLine research pieces just look better than anything that anyone else provides, instantly separating us from the rest of the pack! They’re a great resource.”



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