TopLine Business Acumen Series Digest: March 15th, 2021 edition

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Big Pharma is Perfect for Radio

According to a new study from Signal Hill Insights, consumers in need of medical relief aren’t as likely to turn the dial when long pharmaceutical disclaimers come on! Among the total survey respondents who were asked if they liked the pharmaceutical ad after hearing it, 48% said they like it a lot/like it somewhat, regardless of the disclaimer. The studies also revealed that radio campaigns generate heightened awareness for pharmaceutical brands.

Are you jumping at the opportunity to build new partnerships within the pharmaceutical industry?

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The Impact of COVID-19 on Children

Parents and officials are concerned about the mental health of children amidst a tumultuous year. In Colorado, proposals have been made that target kids by connecting them with the proper resources and support. Within the state, visits related to mental health have double, and there’s been a 10% increase in visits from children. From the Colorado Sun, “Based on research from the nonprofit Mental Health America, loneliness or isolation is the top driver of youth mental health problems — 78% of respondents ages 11-17 who completed a mental health screening through the nonprofit in 2020 reported experiencing loneliness.”

During this critical time, what services would parents be searching for right now in your community?

Retail Trends in 2021 and Beyond to Look For

Consumers weren’t crowding in lines for Black Friday but instead opted to shop online and also picked items up curbside. “Consumers found some of the experiences forced by Covid to be convenient,” said Stefan Larsson, the CEO of PVH Corp., which owns Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, and other brands. “Anything that they perceive as making their life easier will be here to stay.”

Unfortunately, many retailers had to file for bankruptcy and were forced to close hundreds of stores in 2020. However, those that survived the pandemic have been forced to adapt their business models and are expected to continue evolving in the future. Things such as virtual shopping events and contactless payments are replacing cashiers and other traditional methods. Other predictions for the future of retail include that holiday shopping will be dominated by online shopping, malls will make a comeback but with increased technology and consumer attractions, retailers will rely less on discounts, stores will continue to morph into fulfillment centers, and curbside pickup of items will continue to remain popular.

As more and more retailers are adapting their business models to resonate with consumer trends and behavior, how can you help them inform consumers of all their innovative shopping options?

All-inclusive resorts that should be on your vacation list this summer

With more of the population getting vaccinated, travel is expected to pick up this year, especially summer vacations. If you are looking for an all-inclusive resort, an article on lists out some of the best ones available right now, and we listed several of these from the article out below:

  1. Sandals Royal Plantation in Ocho Rios, Jamaica.
  2. Club Med Sanya in Sanya China.
  3. Voyage Torba in Torba, Turkey.
  4. Isrotel Lagonna in Eilat, Israel.
  5. Voyage Bodrum Bodrum City, Turkey.

Do you have any local travel agencies that should be on the air with their messaging right now?

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