Turn your music station into a dynamic interactive experience.
– Unique features for maximum listener interactivity with maximum PD control
– Tools like patented Song Alerts drive Nielsen-verified ratings growth
– #engage has complete automation integration with all major playout systems

#engage is a suite of features that gives programmers the tools to turn their music station into a dynamic interactive experience. Using SMS, social media, and web-based tools, #engage empowers station brands with flexible, customizable options to interact with their audience.

#engage’s tools allow you to strategically time automatic social posts that sync with your playlist. Stations can drive tune-in occasions by alerting listeners when their favorite songs are about to play with Song Alerts.

With interactive programming tools, programmers can create voting sessions, empower listeners to control the station’s programming within a set of rules configured by the PD, and sync it all with their playout systems with #engage’s automation integration.


Just an example of #engage‘s wealth of flexible features – six different types of voting sessions!
– UPick Voting Sessions: Pit 3-4 songs against each other around stopsets
– Stylized Voting Sessions: Pit 2 songs against each other, with animated avatars that visibly “fight” to see who wins
– Top Song: Listeners pick the #1 most-voted song each hour
– Takeover: Listeners pick every song for an hour or daypart
– Takeover Countdown: Listeners decide on a Top 5@5 (or similar) in real time
– FaceOff : Pit 2 songs against each other, and let listeners choose which 2 songs will face off next

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