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Social marketing and engagement doesn't have

to be a time suck.

Making great radio isn’t all it takes to be successful in today’s media landscape. Increasingly, our listeners are
making tune-in decisions based on what they see in their social feeds. But who has the time to constantly be on top of social in real time?

#engage empowers your station with a turnkey way to create social marketing gold. By automating the
posting of social content in a way that syncs with exactly what’s going on with your station in real time,
#engage helps you use social content to entertain and engage with your audience 24/7.

Engage your audience, even when they're not tuned in.

#engage was designed to help stations stay connected with their audiences 24/7, without requiring 24/7 effort.

Our tools make it simple to automate timely, relevant social content on multiple platforms.

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Social Triggers:Make it easy for people to talk about the music you play.

Automatically sync social posts with your playlist using #engage’s integration with your playout system. You determine what content you’d like to post on your socials when specific songs or artists are aboutto play.

Promote what’s playing next, get messaging about artist contests in front of your audience when they’re listening to that artist’s song, tie sponsor messaging into campaigns that use these capabilities creatively - the opportunities are endless

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