Webinar: Winning Breaking News: Hint! It’s Not Always About Being First

”Winning” breaking news is a non-stop battle. But if you think the only goal is to be first, then you’re missing the most important parts.

On Thursday, March 11, at 1p ET, Tim Wolff, Futuri VP TV & Digital Publishing Innovation, and Futuri CEO and Founder Daniel Anstandig presented Winning Breaking News. Hint! It’s Not Always About Being First. They covered topics including:

  • Information comes from so many places, and so quickly. What does being first really mean today? What’s just bragging rights vs. what really moves the mark for your brand?
  • Creating a culture where your team understands how to win breaking news today.
  • Making your brand the first one your audience will see on their platform of choice — which is not always your platform of choice.
  • Ways in which technology is changing how newsrooms think about and execute breaking news.
  • A variety of best practices, based on data and personal experience, all designed to create more effective newsrooms.

This webinar has already taken place. To access this content on-demand, please fill out the form below.

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