Webinar: Turning a Slump into Success: Proactively Preparing for a Recession

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It’s no secret that many U.S. economists are bracing for an economic downturn. The companies that successfully come through these tough times are the ones that proactively prepare — and Futuri’s TopLine team is here to help you do so.

Join us on August 4th at 11 am or 4 pm, for this 30-minute webinar. Futuri’s Jim Tarantine and David Russell will reveal new data on how media companies see the possibility of a recession, review projections, and best practices from other industries that are proactively protecting themselves from economic uncertainty. We will also provide specific, actionable guidance on how your team can focus on growing business from recession-resistant industries and beyond.

You’ll Learn:

  • Trends in how clients are adjusting their advertising decisions to prepare for an economic downturn & how you can turn them into opportunities.
  • Which categories are likely to be recession-proof going into 2023.
  • How being a true marketing partner to decision-makers distracted by business challenges will grow your business.

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