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WATCH NOW: Making Appointment TV When You Have 10 (14? 24?) Hours of News

Access Tim Wolff’s webinar on proven ways to keep your viewers engaged

“Tonight at 5, this story, then at 5:30, that story, at 6, another story, and make sure to watch at 10 and 11 when we have another must-see story…”

This is what it can feel like to be a promotions producer, trying to figure out how to tell viewers they need to watch every newscast every day. Unfortunately for the viewers, they just can’t hold that many stories in their heads at once as critical, must-watch stories. Besides, 90% of the newscast isn’t really set until just a few hours before air. So how do you convince viewers there are times when they need to watch your news? [Interested in a fascinating blog post on this subject? Read here!]

This webinar explores ways to find effective, quick, and easy stories and tease them in ways that turn your short-time viewers into long-watching viewers… and viewers who pay attention to your newscasts, instead of leaving them quietly running on the wall.

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