TopLine Business Acumen Series Digest: October 12th, 2020 edition

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Flu Shot Providers to Target Underserved Communities

Flu season is almost upon us. With the threat of COVID-19 still at large, it’s more important than ever for Americans to get their flu shots in order to stay safe this year.

Per Drug Store News, the National Association of Chain Drug Stores (NACDS) has stated that a few priority groups must get the message about the importance of flu shots this year: Black and Hispanic Americans. These groups are considered priority groups who are subject to disparities in healthcare.

Advertisements have proven to be an effective way of communicating the importance of this year’s flu shots. The NACDS created 30- and 60-second ads in both English and Spanish, and address the mistrust of the healthcare delivery system. The reported consumer reaction to the airing of their 60-second ad: “82% of all adults and 80% of Black and Hispanic Americans agreed the ad said something important.”

How can you help your local pharmacies address these concerns and market their offerings to these priority groups?

flu season

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PetCo is No Longer Stocking Shock Collars, Promotes Positive Reinforcement

The pet retailer PetCo has recently announced stores would stop selling shock collars used to train dogs. The chain cited research that has shown the negative effects dog owners believe the collars have on their furry ones. Instead, PetCo is guiding owners to more positive reinforcement products and services.

Dog owners need to find an alternative way to train their dogs. How can you direct them to local services or products?

Dollar General Opening New Popshelf Stores Aimed at Wealthier Demographic

One of the fastest-growing discount chains in the U.S. is shifting its business model to attract higher-income shoppers. These new stores will be called “Popshelf” and they will sell items such as home decor, beauty products, and party supplies. Many of the products were chosen because they experienced an increase in sales during the pandemic. They plan to open the stores in the suburbs of large cities and hope to open 30 by the end of 2021.

Dollar General expects even cash-strapped shoppers to like the idea of “treating themselves without the guilt associated with overspending,” said Emily Taylor, Dollar General’s Chief Merchandising Officer. The stores hope that carrying products that are only available for short periods will encourage more frequent visits to their new stores. The company has already hired a team to begin marketing these new stores across various mediums.

The success of the Popshelf brand hinges on their success to market to a different target demographic than they have had previously. They are undoubtedly looking for creative ways to reach this new target demographic. How can you help them inform consumers of their new Popshelf stores?

Shoppers Want Zoom-Worthy Jewelry

Although the jewelry category will likely take a hit in 2020 because of COVID-19, there are bright spots. For example, with Zoom meetings still taking place, people are dressing up from the neck up. Therefore, earrings and pendants have been particularly popular, known as “Zoom-worthy jewelry.” Jewelry purchases also can help to memorialize the time and are an easy, low-cost way to dress up more casual outfits.

Wedding jewelry is likely to suffer, as many weddings are being postponed to a later date. However, the category is still expected to have a role during the holiday season.

How can you target more jewelry consumers in these upcoming months?

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