TopLine Business Acumen Series Digest: November 2nd, 2020 edition

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Younger Consumers Are Looking for an Escape and New Tech, Driving Pickup Sales

According to a study from CarGurus, pickup truck sales have increased during the pandemic. Of those who have purchased a truck during the pandemic, consumers were 24% were more likely to be Millennials or Gen Z.

The study also highlighted other key findings responsible for driving growth: “First, as the pandemic continues to impact our daily lives, trucks are positioned well to offer an escape and some fun for consumers who could use just that. The second is around the importance of tech in trucks. For younger shoppers, interest in new truck technology is high,” says Madison Gross, Director of Customer Insights at CarGurus.

Are your local truck dealers appealing to younger generations, promoting fun, and focusing on the technological advances in the pickup truck industry?

Here’s a recent TopLine Instant Positioning piece that can help explain how your audio solutions are perfect for reaching adults working from home:

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Exercise and fitness equipment

Wine Clubs Have Been a Lifeline for the Wine Industry

According to, despite COVID-19 destroying several revenue streams for wineries like tours and restaurant sales, wineries have found new ways to keep the lights on. Many wineries have started or expanded wine clubs which have allowed them to stay in contact with their loyal customer base and safely keep a stream of revenue open for their business.

How can local wineries team up with independent restaurants to offer consumers the chance to buy a bottle of wine with their takeout or delivery orders? How can you help connect wineries with targeted potential customers through your marketing channels?

C-Stores to Promote Subscription Programs

“As consumers across the country change their purchasing habits in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and other factors, convenience store operators may find opportunity in a type of purchase not typically associated with the channel: subscriptions.” according to Convenience Store News.

The types of subscriptions convenience stores can offer, include, “recurring payments; one lump sum payment with unlimited redemptions during the time period it covers; and one lump sum payment with limited redemptions that can be used up.”

For example, c-stores can offer daily cup(s) of coffee or fuel savings through a subscription with one flat payment every month.

CSN also points out that while consumers are in the store taking advantage of their subscription service benefits, they’ll be more likely to make additional purchases while they’re in the store.

How can you get your c-stores on board with this new opportunity?

Thanksgiving During a Pandemic

Unfortunately, Thanksgiving this year has the potential to look very different from years past. With the second wave of COVID spreading across the country, it’s highly likely that some will not be able to travel and be with loved ones for the holidays. So what about Thanksgiving dinner? Well, an article on Forbes speaks about several places you can order your Thanksgiving meal online.

  1. Martha Stewart Thanksgiving sides bundle
  2. Pasturebird Thanksgiving Chicken Change-Up
  3. Omaha Steaks
  4. Hickory Farms
  5. Harry & David
  6. Blue Apron
  7. La Saison

These types of services are likely to be in much higher demand this year due to COVID-19. Do you have any clients in this category, like local restaurants offering Thanksgiving-to-go packages, you can contact now?

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