TopLine Business Acumen Series Digest: January 26th, 2020 edition

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Heavy Radio Users = High Spenders

Consumer spending is likely to increase this year, and heavy radio listeners are at the forefront! According to The Media Audit’s 60-Market 2020 Aggregate survey, heavy radio listeners (180+ minutes of radio each day) are more likely to have shopped at an auto parts store, sporting goods store, and jewelry store in the past 4 weeks, compared to those who have had no exposure to radio. Heavy radio listeners are also more likely to have purchased women’s clothing in the past 4 weeks.

Are you showcasing the buying power of your heavy listeners to potential clients?

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Party Stores Adapting to How Consumers Now Celebrate Parties

In a recent BSM Media study, nearly 90% of respondents have changed how they celebrate parties and family gatherings due to COVID-19. “Moms are looking for solutions to meet their new needs in entertaining,” says Maria Bailey, CEO of BSM Media. “Brands who introduce products that meet those needs like Party City who now sells virtual party kits will come out winners this year.”
Some other key findings include:

  • 60% are offering more individually wrapped food and snacks
  • 33% are eliminating food buffets from their parties entirely
  • 86% still plan on purchasing balloons for their parties
  • 68% are planning smaller events
  • 50% are planning more events outdoors

How can you help local and regional party stores inform consumers of their new COVID-19-conscious party packs?

More Pickup Truck Shoppers will Consider Ford’s Electric Pickup Than Competitors

According to, 20% of U.S. auto sales were pickup trucks, and 35% of consumers planning to buy a pickup truck in the next two years are looking into electric pickup options. Nearly half of pickup shoppers age 18-34 would consider an electric pickup truck. Three out of four consumers planning to buy a pickup truck said they’d consider Ford’s electric pickup which was the top brand.

  • 75% – Ford
  • 48% – Tesla
  • 42% – Hummer
  • 42% – Rivian

How can you help connect listeners looking for electric vehicles to dealerships that offer more eco-friendly vehicles? How can you help Ford dealerships plan marketing campaigns for when they launch their electric pickup truck?

Travel Agents are Seeing Increased Business

According to, Oasis Travel Network saw a 300% jump in travel sales during the first week of 2021 over the first week of 2020. Consumers are itching to travel after having to cancel vacations in 2020, and they are ready to make a plan. Many consumers are choosing to use a travel agent because they are well informed about ever-changing COVID-19 protocols and restrictions.

“I’ve been busier for the first eight days in January than probably any full month since I began my business,” said Lee Anne Battiston, VTA, Visions of Blue Vacations, LLC.

Are your listeners ready to travel? How can you connect your listeners with local travel agents to increase bookings?

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