TopLine Business Acumen Series Digest: February 21, 2022 edition

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TopLine’s Business Acumen Series features business trends and opportunities to help sales professionals prospect and engage clients. It’s updated several times daily within TopLine. This digest features some of the week’s top stories.

How are Brands Attracting Gen Z Consumers?

New research shows Gen Zs (Aged 18 to 25) are drawn to brands that provide excellent customer service and quality, have strong ethical values, and are active on social media!

Here are key insights into Gen Z consumers:

  1. 78% research a new brand most of the time before buying.
  2. 75% are likely to purchase from a brand recommended by family or friends.
  3. 70% have switched brands because the customer experience did not promise as advertised.
  4. 3x as likely than Boomers to purchase from a brand because they enforced safety protocols during COVID-19 (curbside pick-up or mask requirements).
  5. 3x as likely as Boomers to be familiar with the values of a brand when they choose a product.
  6. Providing superior quality and sustaining a social media presence were ranked highest among consumers as the best way to remain relevant.
  7. 31% are purchasing from brands addressing environmental and societal issues.

How are your local businesses attracting Gen Z consumers? Do they provide excellent customer service, have strong ethical values, and have an active social media presence?

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More Than Half of Consumers are Comfortable Eating at Buffets

According to, 52% of surveyed consumers said they are very or somewhat comfortable eating at a restaurant buffet right now, and 40% of respondents also say they are very or somewhat comfortable eating at a grocery store buffet. Parents are the most comfortable with buffets with half of them saying they are very or somewhat comfortable, but only 39% of grandparents feel comfortable at a buffet. While only 8% of respondents say they are more likely to eat at a buffet after the pandemic, 46% of surveyed consumers say they are just as likely to eat at a buffet since the pandemic started.

How can you help buffet restaurants increase diners? How can you increase sales for grocery store buffets? Do these trends signal that restaurants can reopen their buffet options?

Americans are Turning to Podcasts for News

According to a study from the Pew Research Center, nearly 1 in 4 Americans get the news from podcasts. Younger, diverse, educated male consumers were more likely than older, uneducated female cohorts to turn to podcasts for the news.

Here are the demographics of consumers more likely to turn to podcasts for news:

  • Adults 18-29
  • Men
  • Hispanic or Asian
  • College Degree+
  • HHI of $80,000+
  • Lean Democrat

Are your local businesses using podcasts to capture this new audience?

David Bridal Launching New Line to Target a Younger Demographic

David’s Bridal is launching an exclusive private line dedicated to juniors’ event wear. This line will help the company diversify its offerings as weddings continue to be postponed and inflation continues to rise. The younger clientele may also lead to more lifelong consumers. David’s Bridal is an example of a wider trend of more brands launching private labels.

What other well-known stores are making new moves to expand their consumer base?

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