TopLine Business Acumen Series Digest: August 31st, 2020 edition

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Consumers Are More Confident About Shopping In Grocery Stores

According to, 65% of grocery orders are for in-store shopping trips while 35% are now online. Shoppers are feeling more confident about heading to the store now than when the pandemic began. COVID-19 safety precautions are more second-nature, and consumers are interested in doing their own shopping. 35% of consumers in the United States are happier with their in-store shopping experience than they were at the peak of COVID-19, which could also be a contributing factor for rising in-store shopping trips.

Consumers have big financial concerns as a result of the pandemic, and 41% said their personal finances are struggling. 48% of surveyed consumers said they’re paying more for groceries than before COVID-19 which only compounds financial issues.

How can you help local grocery stores spread the word about weekly specials to help consumers who are concerned about their finances? Will consumers’ willingness to shop in-store bode well for farmers’ markets and small food stores who may have been struggling to compete with big stores that have online ordering services?

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The Rise of Telehealth

Solar Energy

Life Insurance Customers

Cars Pandemic

How Cars Are Helping Americans Cope With the Pandemic

With the COVID-19 pandemic and many Americans continuing to work from home, getting alone time has never been harder. An interesting study by TrueCar found how some people are beginning to appreciate their vehicles in new and creative ways. The study, as quoted on, lists out some ways below:

  • 73% of Americans said they used their car to get away from someone they lived with.
  • 56% said they feel grateful they have their car to take leisurely drives.
  • 37% said they used their car to take personal or business calls.
  • 32% said they used the front seat of their vehicle as a makeshift office.

As Americans are appreciating and utilizing their vehicles for more purposes, now is the time for auto dealers to get their message in front of them.

How can you help auto clients use this information to evolve their messaging?


Give Away a Virtual Date Night to Set the Mood for Socially-Distanced Singles

Since the start of the pandemic, dating apps have begun to see a lot of activity. This year, dating apps are forecasted to reach nearly 27M users, which is an 18% increase from last year!

“People still want to find love and connection during these trying times,” said Vincent Yip, eMarketer forecasting analyst. “Since people can’t meet in person, many have adapted to finding someone online.”

Did you know radio was one of the best places to reach singles? Nearly four in ten single adults have taken action from a radio ad in the past year, according to AdMall.

Could your station use this opportunity to giveaway a virtual date night for two lucky singles?

Holiday Season

COVID-19 Will Change the Way Retailers Prepare for the Holiday Season

According to, major retailers are already making plans to roll out their holiday sales early, some as early as October. While experts worry about consumers getting sick of holiday messages, others feel a longer holiday sales season might help bring shoppers back into stores. Some are saying there will be a 30% drop in holiday spending because of the economic and pandemic climate. Shoppers are concerned about the safety of shopping in-store. To combat this, some experts recommend spreading out sales, so there’s one major item on sale per week. With only one big item on sale, retailers might avoid having large crowds in their stores and still be able to keep social distancing in place.

eMarketer predicts that online sales will encompass 15% of total sales in 2020. Because of this, early and spaced out sales could also help delivery services keep up with the higher volume of packages.

How can retailers keep holiday crowds low and still keep up revenue? How can you help spread the word for retailers beginning their holiday messaging early?

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