TopLine Business Acumen Series Digest: August 3rd, 2020 edition

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Reasons Behind Rise in DIY Projects During COVID Quarantine

COVID-19 shutdowns caused major disruptions in the lives of consumers all over the country. Some consumers took these shutdowns as an opportunity fix things up around their home and finish projects they’ve been delaying for months or years. According to, the U.S. Census Bureau report showed a 23% increase in sales at home improvement, building, and garden stores. 57% of homeowners surveyed by the Home Projects Council worked on home improvement projects during the quarantine period of the pandemic.

67% of those surveyed said they worked on home projects because they had more free time, and 50% said they did home improvement projects because they noticed things that needed fixing around their home.

How can home improvement retailers make things easy for potential DIYers? Do stores share DIY project ideas on their websites or social media platforms to give customers ideas they can use in their homes?

How can home improvement retailers make things easy for potential DIYers? Do stores share DIY project ideas on their websites or social media platforms to give customers ideas they can use in their homes?

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Value of Radio During the Coronavirus

Ford Shoppers Are Influenced by Radio Ads

The Power of Females

Pandemic Changes to the Auto Industry

According to CarGurus, 22% of respondents planning to purchase a vehicle say they weren’t looking for a car before the pandemic. 58% of respondents have safety concerns about public transportation, so experts believe that has and will continue to cause rising demand.

Shoppers want the process to go differently because of the pandemic, however, 61% of respondents are interested in using contact-free services. 73% want dealers to sanitize their dealerships, and 63% of respondents want auto dealers to wear masks.

How can auto dealers reassure customers they are keeping their safety as a top priority? How can you help spread the word about virtual services?

Changes Retailers Should Make To Attract Moms

According to MediaPost, moms control around 80% of household decisions, making up over $3.8T annually in spending power, and are a highly desired consumer. But, a lot of mothers are still experiencing fear while shopping during the pandemic.
How can retailers attract moms concerned about their safety?

  1. Visibly enforce and display safety measures
  2. Offer curbside pick-up. Sixty percent of moms have been using curbside pick-up since March regularly.
  3. They are concerned about employees not taking the proper safety measures or enforcing them. The better customer service provided, moms know the safer an employee feels.
  4. During these unprecedented times, more than anything, they want brands to show kindness and compassion to not only their customers but their community.

What steps can your local brands take to ease mom’s doubts while shopping during the pandemic?

Non-Traditional Education Providers Have an Extraordinary Opportunity Today

According to a survey of 1,100 parents who recently opened an account with an online education provider:

  • More than 6 in 10 said they do not feel comfortable sending their kids back to school until there is a vaccine.
  • Almost 40% are considering homeschooling their children in the future even when schools have reopened.
  • 60% rated their children’s online learning experience so far as average at best.
  • 46% said they still do not know how their school district plans to reopen in the fall.

With all the uncertainty about how K-12 education will be provided during the upcoming school year, and with many districts already indicating they will start the year 100% online, many parents are now searching for ways to strengthen their child’s education. Some are teaming up with other families to create “learning pods” that include in-person instruction from teachers (or tutors).

It appears the current state of education in America has opened the door for non-traditional providers. In fact, there may be learning centers in your area that can play a critical role in filling-in the educational gaps for children.

Can you help these providers devise an effective marketing strategy to take advantage of these opportunities?

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