TopLine Business Acumen Series Digest: August 24th, 2020 edition

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Older Americans Are a Sweet Spot for E-Commerce During COVID-19

According to the NPD Group, digital orders rose 135% compared to June of last year, and older Americans are a major contributor. Adults 65+ increased their digital ordering by 428%, and adults 55+ increased their digital ordering by 200% in the month of June.

“We’ve seen this not just in food, but across the economy,” said David Portalatin, NPD’s vice president, food industry advisor. “Older Americans are learning e-commerce because they find themselves vulnerable.” These habits are likely to stay with consumers, even after lockdown.

How can you help local businesses spread the word about their e-commerce offerings to this growing digital audience?

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CBD Products

Yard Care and Landscaping Customers

Bakery Customers

Survey: Movie Theater-Goers Ready to Return in September

Last week, social movie ticketing app service Atom Tickets released the results of a survey of 16,000 U.S. digital moviegoers:

  • 74% of more-cautious moviegoers will be ready to return by around the middle of September. This is up 15% from the previous survey.
  • 40% are ready to return to seeing movies immediately, up from 25% a month ago – while 15% said they would wait until there is a vaccine for COVID-19. Just under one percent (0.8%) said they never plan to return to theaters.

The top concerns in going back to the big screen are social distancing and mask-wearing.

How can this you help your movie theater clients spread the word about reopening?

Home Sellers

Home Sellers Are in the Driver’s Seat, Especially with the Right Agent

Interest rates on 15-year and 30-year mortgages both rose during the week of August 17th. The uptick in rates comes when there is already stiff competition among buyers for a limited number of homes for sale.

“With supply and demand moving in opposite directions, sellers are clearly gaining the upper hand in the market as buyer competition builds up and prices gain momentum going into the fall,” said Javier Vivas from

Median home prices were already 10.1% higher, year-over-year, by mid-August. If rates continue to creep up, buyers might be more willing to buy sooner than later, maybe even for the asking price.

Do you know any real estate agents who can boast about an impressive record of moving properties at top dollar? Can you match them with sellers looking to get the most out of their house?

Pet Adoptions

An Uptick in Pet Adoptions Drives Product Sales

According to a report by the research company Packaged Facts, despite the current COVID-19 disruptions, two main things are responsible for driving sales growth in pet products:

“First, an expected uptick in pet adoption swelled into a surge of pet acquisition, generating a sales boom for higher-ticket pet durables such as habitats, carriers, bedding, along with novelty and pampering purchases such as pet toys and accessories,” said Supermarket News. “Second, sales have spiked for at-home, do-it-yourself dog and cat grooming and oral care products, driven by the marooned customers of veterinary clinics or professional salons offering these services.”

With school closures and new work from home policies implemented, Americans will continue to spend more time at home.

Are your local pet shelters spreading the word about their adoptable animals? Are your local pet stores and veterinarians selling DIY grooming kits?

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