TopLine Business Acumen Series Digest: July 20, 2020 edition

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Home Improvement: DIY Projects and Shutdowns Cause Spike in Lumber Prices

According to, lumber prices have gone up 50% since April.  Experts say that DIY projects during the shelter-in-place orders as well as supply chain shutdowns caused lower inventory and high prices.  It’s been two years since prices have risen this high. Experts say that building and home improvement contracts are ramping back up, so higher prices will remain until lumber inventory can catch up.

How can local home improvement retailers use alternative materials to help keep customer costs low? Can you help spread the word for contractors who may need to redo quotes now that material costs are higher?

TopLine Instant Positioning Piece: Home Improvement

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Cord Cutters: TV Subscriptions Are Declining

Opportunities With Healthy / Organic Shoppers

Dental Patients Respond to Radio Advertising

Unemployment Benefits

$600 Federal Unemployment Payments End This Week

As rough as the pandemic has been on the U.S. economy, things might get even worse after this week.

For millions of Americans, this is the final week they’ll get an extra $600 a week as part of their federal unemployment benefits.  The payments, which were part of the federal stimulus package passed back in April, are set to expire July 31st – but effectively end late this week for most recipients.

House Democrats want to extend those payments, while Senate Republicans argue that it keeps people from looking for work.  Both chambers of Congress are expected to work on a new stimulus package this week.

Are any of your clients hiring? Are they marketing their efforts to hire?

Hotel Safety

Safe Stay Guest Checklist Unveiled to Help Standardize Hotel Safety

According to, the American Hotel and Lodging Association unveiled their “Safe Stay Guest Checklist” to help streamline safety protocols. This is the next piece of the hotel industry’s “Stay Safe Initiative” to keep employees and visitors safe during the pandemic.

“As an industry, we want every guest to experience a clean and safe hotel no matter where they stay,” [AHLA President Chip Rogers said].

The list includes some common post-pandemic practices as well as tips for a safer stay.

  • Wearing masks in common areas
  • Using contactless services where available
  • Limiting or eliminating room cleaning during your stay

How can local hotels reassure travelers that their health is the top priority? Can you help spread the word about health and safety procedures put in place by local destinations?


Future Hiring Decisions Should Be Based on These Strategies

The recruitment field has changed drastically in the past few months. For Talent Acquisition professionals to be successful moving forward, they should make sure all their future decisions are based on the below strategies, which are outlined in an article on

  1. Data-Driven
  2. Robust and Validated
  3. Agility focused
  4. Challenge Proof
  5. Global

As is the case in a lot of different fields, focusing on people will be the key for recruiters to have continued success in the future.

Do you have any clients who are recruiting and could benefit from this important information?

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