TopLine Business Acumen Early Advance May 30, 2022 edition

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Audio and digital marketing efforts can help recruiters hire and retain workers during these tough times

The most recent Radio Advertising Bureau monthly presentation revealed three key insights into the recruitment industry:

  1. There are nearly two jobs available for every unemployed person.
  • There were 11.5 million jobs available as of April 1st
  • That’s 5.6 million more jobs than unemployed people
  • Over 4 million workers quit their jobs in April
  1. Candidate ghosting (37%) and engaging passive talent (34%) remain the top challenges for recruiters.
  2. Recruiters are ramping up recruitment efforts to drive applications. 42% of talent acquisition teams have changed job requisitions in the last six months.

The recruitment channels that have grown the most:

  • LinkedIn posts (38%)
  • Social media posting (35%)
  • Recruitment marketing (34%)
  • Virtual recruiting events (29%)

Are your local businesses using audio and digital to recruit more applicants?

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Opportunity for Outdoor Gyms

According to a new research study, those who partake in strenuous exercise exhale 85% more aerosol particles than those who are not endurance training. This research may explain outbreaks of Covid in indoor gyms and cycle classes. Indoor fitness facilities continue to take precautionary measures to avoid the spread of Covid.

Do you know of outdoor fitness trainers/gyms? Can you connect them to people looking to take precautionary measures from Covid during their workout?

Frozen Food is Seeing Major Growth

According to Yahoo Finance, frozen food sales outgrew fresh food sales by 230% this year which is a big shift from the norm where fresh food outpaces frozen. With supply chain issues shortening the “sell-by” and “best-by” date windows, consumers are gravitating toward frozen food that preserves food freshness with a very long shelf life. Consumers are also trying to minimize food waste. 87% of food waste is from fresh fruits, vegetables, and bread, and consumers find that buying frozen food can help fix that problem.

How can you help grocery retailers reach food-waste-conscious consumers to buy more frozen foods? How can grocery retailers reach busy families with easy dinner ideas using frozen foods with a long shelf life?

Tackle new home improvements for the summer

Now that summer is here; some home improvements can be great to accomplish. Popular home upgrades include updating the bathroom, new flooring, a fresh coat of interior paint, improving landscaping, and enhancing your home’s exterior features. These improvements give your home a fresh summertime look that lasts into the fall and winter.

Do you know any professional home remodeling contractors? Can you help them connect with homeowners looking to make changes for the summer?

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