TopLine Business Acumen Early Advance June 26, 2022 edition

This week’s most engaging stories

TopLine’s Business Acumen Series features business trends and opportunities to help sales professionals prospect and engage clients. It’s updated several times daily within TopLine. This early advance features some of the coming week’s top stories.

Consumers Care About Sun Protection

According to Civic Science, 35% of surveyed consumers use products with SPF once a week or more, and 78% of respondents use sunscreen. Younger consumers and women are more likely than other demographics to use SPF products frequently. 48% of surveyed Adults 18-24 use SPF products once a week or more, and 41% of Adults 25-34 use them once a week or more. 80% of daily SPF product users are women. 73% of surveyed Adults 18-24 used or plan to use makeup products with SPF, and 62% of Adults 25-34 said the same.

How can you help skincare and makeup brands that offer SPF products reach out to their ideal clientele? Can you help SPF-rated brands that sell shirts, hats, and other products grab market share as a result of this trend?

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Restaurants Still Need Staff

Restaurants and their staffing cannot keep up with dining behaviors returning to normal since the start of the pandemic. 30% of restaurants that were surveyed said that business has returned to normal with 1 in 4 saying the business has gotten even better. A little more than half of the restaurants admit that they do not have the staff to meet the demand that is anticipated to happen this summer. Restaurants cannot take full advantage of their dining rooms when they are short-staffed. It is also foreseen that 45% of consumers will have trouble getting reservations at restaurants.

Do you know of restaurants hiring that offer competitive wages? Can you connect them with job seekers?

Website Reliability a Concern for Online Shoppers

While consumers often use social media to learn about new products, many complain about the feasibility of linking to the brands’ websites.

As per a Retail Dive report, over 4 in 5 of surveyed respondents cite “poor website landing experiences” when clicking on a site from a social media link. This figure proves troubling given that 71% of online shoppers prefer to purchase on a brand’s website, rather than directly via social media.

Do you know any local companies that utilize social media and online shopping options? Can you help them retain more prospective consumers by shoring up their website links and accessibility?

Expert Tips for Summer Travel Savings

According to, travel prices are rising, and travel experts have compiled some of their best tips for saving money on summer travel.

  • Use a travel advisor
  • Be flexible with travel dates
  • Check cruise deals
  • Check different airports
  • Book hotels mid-week
  • Book a larger rental and split the cost with friends or family
  • Travel closer to home
  • Price out several trip options
  • Use hotel or credit card points
  • Take a camping or glamping trip

How can you help travel advisors book more clients seeking summer travel savings? Can you help travel companies book more business by spreading the word about their deals and sales?

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