TopLine Business Acumen Early Advance July 17, 2022 edition

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Fitness Consumers are Willing to Try New Brands

Consumers’ openness to new fitness brands creates opportunities for acquisition, especially among audio listeners. Two of the key findings from Provoke Insight’s Fitness & Radio: Brand Loyalty Spring 2022 report:

Question: Thinking of the most recent fitness product you bought, how loyal are you to the brand?

  • 60% Purchase This Brand Along With Other Brands
  • 22% Mostly Purchase This Brand
  • 11% Only Purchase This Brand
  • 8% Mostly Purchase Other Brands

That number skyrockets among audio consumers! 89% of audio consumers are open to purchasing multiple fitness brands.

Audio listeners are constantly searching for new products to fit their active lifestyles.

  • 55% Exercise
  • 34% Camp/Hike
  • 26% Bike
  • 17% Golf

Are your local fitness retailers using audio to attract new consumers?

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Put the Brakes on These Unforeseen Vehicle Costs

If you’re thinking about buying a new car, the process can be overwhelming, according to Some potential unseen expenses to consider:

  1. Gas costs due to poor fuel efficiency
  2. Car insurance for some models
  3. Interest costs tied to longer financing terms
  4. Taxes from the state, county, and city
  5. Registration fees for upgraded vehicles
  6. Maintenance and repair of expensive models
  7. Additional costs for vehicle options
  8. Prices that quietly soar above MSRP
  9. Surprise fees from the dealer

Additionally, shopping around for insurance can really help you nail down an affordable price. Especially with inflation and rising gas prices, trying to shave off costs can be crucial.

Do you know any agents who sell auto insurance? How can they reach drivers looking to save?

Home Modifications Allow Seniors to Stay in Their Current Home Longer

Many seniors want to stay in their homes long after retirement, but their housing needs are likely to change.

Many of the potential safety and comfort issues can be eliminated before they become a problem. Seniors should consider these home modifications to improve safety:

  • Improved lighting.
  • Adding more electric outlets.
  • Checking detectors.
  • Adding railings and grab bars.
  • Upgrading their bathroom.
  • Addressing tripping hazards.
  • Minimizing clutter.
  • Hiring help.
  • Planning for mobility.

What businesses do you work with that can help seniors prepare for aging-related issues in their homes?

Consumers Don’t Want to Reduce Their Restaurant Spend

Although consumers are being more careful about managing their budget, restaurant spending is far down the list of things they’re willing to cut back. Before reducing restaurant spending, consumers would rather cut back on clothing, travel, gym, streaming services, ride services, etc. 29% of those surveyed said they feel eating out is cheaper than cooking a meal at home, and 27% say that the price is about the same.

Do you reach those who value dining out? Can you connect them with restaurants?

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