TopLine Business Acumen Early Advance August 7, 2022 edition

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Americans are Ready to Hit the Books in 2022

According to Civic Science, 1 in 3 U.S. consumers (Age 13+) plan to enroll in one or more education programs in the future. American teens and young adults are interested in continuing education, with 71% of Americans aged 13-24 planning to enroll or currently in school. 56% of Adults 25-34 are enrolled in or plan to pursue one or more education programs. 19% of surveyed U.S. adults said they’re interested in going back to school to pursue a new career.

Which programs are most popular with teens and young adults, and which programs are preferred by Millennials? How can you help schools reach new potential students?

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Eye Care Diseases Often Undiagnosed in Hispanic Community

Preventative eye care is an important consideration for most people in the U.S. However, many often fail to adequately treat compromising eye conditions–particularly in the Hispanic community.

As per a recent Adweek report, 60% of Hispanic individuals let eye diseases go undiagnosed.

Do you know any local health professionals that specialize in eye care? Can you help them reach Hispanic patients looking for optimal eye health?

Attracting Local Jewelry Consumers

Even with online jewelry sales growing, store operators should not neglect their local marketing. Partnering with local influencers can create buzz for your store within the community. Followers of an influencer are likely to trust their endorsements. Running local digital ads is also a smart thing to do when it comes to attracting locals. State-wide or national ads are not necessary if most of one’s customers are local. Creating a Google My Business profile can also assist jewelers digitally in local searches.

Do you reach local jewelers? Can you help them connect with local jewelry shoppers?

Flight Cancellations

Airlines have canceled thousands of flights in recent days due to severe circumstances. Air traffic control delays, fight staff shortages, and severe weather have led to cancellations.

Can you help promote local getaways to those looking to vacation? 

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