TopLine Business Acumen Early Advance August 28, 2022 edition

This week’s most engaging stories

TopLine’s Business Acumen Series features business trends and opportunities to help sales professionals prospect and engage clients. It’s updated several times daily within TopLine. This early advance features some of the coming week’s top stories.

Teens and Social Media

By understanding teens’ social media behaviors, advertisers can win them over and secure a customer for life!

Here are three insights into teens from a new Pew Research Center survey of American teenagers ages 13 to 17:

  1. Nearly half of teens are ALWAYS online!
  2. Top Platforms Used Among Teens
  • 95% YouTube
  • 67% TikTok
  • 62% Instagram
  • 59% Snapchat
  • 32% Facebook
  1. YouTube is the platform teens use most CONSTANTLY. However, TikTok and Snapchat are the social platforms that stand out for having larger shares of teen users who visit DAILY.

How are your local businesses reaching this vital demographic?

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Making a Franchise Feel Local

Many franchised restaurants are not really considered to be local businesses by their community. Operators can overcome this by implementing some marketing strategies to make their business seem less corporate and more community oriented. 70% of American use social media regularly, so creating a compelling social page is a must. Connecting with local influencers can be a great avenue to explore. Every city has some sort of social media influencer that like to showcase local businesses in their content. Sponsoring a local charity or hosting events can also be a good way to show local consumers that a business cares about the community.

Do you reach restaurants that lack a local feel? Can you help them market themselves as a local business?

Preparing Your Home for More Extreme Weather

From the New York Times, “Over the past 42 years, an annual average of 7.7 weather-related events caused at least $1 billion each in damage to residences, businesses and municipalities”. Weather patterns have become even more extreme and frequent thanks to global warming. So, it’s important to prepare your house for impending disasters. Some things homeowners can do now are to assess the home’s risk, mitigate potential damage, determine insurance needs, take inventory of the contents in the home, and protect valuables.

What companies should be getting their message out there right now to vulnerable homeowners?

The Top Types of Jobs that are Seeing Demand Right Now

Unemployment remains low at 3.5%, and some jobs are seeing heavy demand. A poll from Upwork found that around 69% of hiring managers were planning to hire in the next six months, and a whopping 60% report that they were struggling to find candidates for their positions.

Here are the top 14 most in-demand jobs from the survey:

  1. Accounting: 33%
  2. IT & Networking: 30%
  3. Operations: 29%
  4. Customer Support: 27%
  5. HR: 25%
  6. Finance: 19%
  7. Admin Support: 18%
  8. Sales: 18%
  9. Web, Mobile, Software Development: 14%
  10. Marketing: 12%
  11. Data Science & Engineering: 11%
  12. Design & Creative: 8%
  13. Architecture & Engineering: 6%
  14. Writing & Content: 4%

Additionally, since it’s hard to find candidates, many plan to hire contractors for some of these jobs.

Do you know any companies that are hiring? How can you help them find applicants for these in-demand roles?

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