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Global leader in audience engagement technology

Redefining Show Prep with Real-Time Story Discovery.

A real-time story discovery system powered by audience engagement on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more than 100,000 verified news sources.

TopicPulse: show prep, redefined

Power your broadcast with real-time insights into what your local audience cares about most and is sharing on social media.

Proprietary technology scans social media and 100k+ sources of news and information every second.

TopicPulse identifies what your core target audience is talking about and sharing on social media so you can drive the conversation.

IdeaStarters™ help guide your decision making on the best topics to discuss on the air, on digital, and on social.

Never miss a hot topic again.

Live Insights ensures you always know what’s resonating with your core target audience and what stories are about to go viral before they do.

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You’re the art, we’re the science.

Be the one to break the story.

Always know what stories are trending hot on social that your competitor’s aren’t covering with Low News Coverage.

About to go viral

Stay ahead of the trends as TopicPulse discovers which stories are about to go viral BEFORE they do so you can drive the conversation on air and on digital.

IdeaStarters™: The Art of TopicPulse

Short on manpower? We understand. TopicPulse format writers provides instant content and show prep relevant to your core demographic target.  Distribute content from IdeaStarters™ via your brand’s social and digital channels, and use for show prep whether live or pre-recorded.

A secret weapon that goes where you go.

  • Receive breaking news alerts when major events happen.
  • Stay ahead of the competition even when on the go.
  • Share stories instantly with your staff and review live insights anytime.
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Uncover what topics are driving overall audience engagement with instant insights. 


Discover the demographic group most engaged with the topic.


Track the topic’s growth trajectory in real-time to know when topics spike.


View sources and track metrics of social engagement in real-time. ​See photos and videos relevant to that topic.​

Social Traction

Capture the top ten trending hashtags and keywords related to the topic to drive your own social engagement.​

Designed for Speed.

Customized shortcuts designed specifically to meet your needs: Track topics by Audience, Demo, Format, Market, or Category

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Comprehensive training at the time of setup, and for any new hires, any time.


Our Partner Success team proactively monitors your performance and can advise on specific ways to grow.

24/7 Support

Lightning-fast support any time from a team that’s compensated on resolving issues quickly and completely.

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