Kathy Eagle

Kathy Eagle is the President of TopLine, Futuri’s AI-driven sales acceleration system, shaping the success of broadcast media sales professionals. With almost 30 years of broadcast sales leadership, including two decades at Cox Media Group, Kathy leads a dynamic team at TopLine. Comprising research analysts, strategists, designers, copywriters, and developers, they empower sales executives across Radio, TV, Print, Digital, and various industries to craft data-driven narratives, to close business faster.

Passionate about leveraging technology to navigate the evolving sales landscape, Kathy is dedicated to achieving lasting revenue for her clients. Her leadership style is defined by problem-solving skills, innovative solutions, and a commitment to helping individuals and organizations reach their goals through the transformative power of technology. In a rapidly changing world, Kathy Eagle is the visionary guiding teams to success with experience, strategic thinking, and a relentless pursuit of results.

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