Jon Erdahl

President 3D MediaVentures- A 40 year broadcast veteran, Jon Erdahl brings a wealth of innovation in all areas of broadcasting including programming, sales, and management development. As President of 3D MediaVentures, Erdahl advises Wall Street VC/PE/Hedge fund partners to maximize sector investments and improve operational efficiencies. Jon’s hands-on leadership style has proven effective with clients globally. Jon regularly contributes articles on Digital and Radio Broadcasting for RadioInk Magazine as well as a featured columnist with and the NOW e-news letter. Jon is a regular speaker at many industry events concerning the evolution of the Digital space, Solution Based Selling seminars, and Programming strategy. Recent highlights include the Television Bureau of Canada TV Everywhere, The Radio Beijing Conference at UCLA and the Canadian GMA. Jon continues to work with the Radio Advertising Bureau in the U.S. contributing videos for their Digital sales programs and video library archives and contributes Digital training video case-studies to the Local Broadcast Sales (LBS) organization with affiliations at over 22 State Broadcast Associations in America, and is a frequent Sales/Digital panelist at the yearly National Association of Broadcasters/Radio Advertising Bureau conferences throughout the U.S. As President of 3D MediaVentures, Jon has the vision to leverage all radio platforms; maximizing unique revenue opportunities in the digital space as well as terrestrial broadcasting assets. As the former President of McVay New Media, as well as working with Clear Channel Communications over the past decade as Regional Vice President of Programming/Director of Regional Operations, Jon is uniquely qualified to develop solutions for any size market; recognizing that each has a unique set of opportunities. Understanding key client marketing objectives is vital toward developing customized plans; achieving goals that can be successfully measured. As former Vice President of TopLine Matters, a digital sales solution platform, Jon’s experience in developing cross-platform strategies has consistently delivered results. Responsibility and accountability are key components to Jon’s leadership over the years. Expect strong strategy development to play a pivotal role in any Digital/Broadcasting initiative and its celebration of success. Jon is a Clear Channel Pinnacle Award leader, a Federal Express Pinnacle Leadership award recipient, has served as the Communications Chair on the United States Special Olympics Committee in NH, was part of the small/medium market committee at the National Association of Broadcasters, and has held positions at the state level in various organizations such as the Partnership for a Drug Free NH and NH’s Rock the Vote campaign.

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