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Futuri Media’s solutions for driving audience and revenue growth are really delicious.

Powerful technology designed specifically for broadcasters, POST integrates with your board, and its proprietary algorithm identifies on-air content types. Easily grab what you need, add a fully-licensed image, and distribute the PPM-encoded audio to multiple platforms with one click. Great for non-broadcast content as well.

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Real-time, AI-powered, targeted story discovery to keep you ahead of your audience. Whether your show is live, voice tracked, or digital-only, TopicPulse redefines show prep with proprietary technology that scans social media and 100k sources of news and information every second to identify what your core audience is talking about, and which stories are about to break big.

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If your brand doesn’t have a solution for the massive smart speaker space, you’re leaving audience and revenue on the table. We can help you build and deploy voice integrations that make an impact, and our Partner Success team, which proactively monitors your performance, can advise on specific ways for you to grow.

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Futuri’s Tools Help Grow Podcast Ad Revenue

As advertisers direct more dollars to podcasts, radio broadcasters dial up new content, ad opportunities. Amid rising demand from advertisers and audiences, podcasts are the hottest topic in the audio[…]
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