Futuri webinar: Don't Let the Summer Slump Kill Your Q3

On-Demand Webinar: Don’t Let the Summer Slump Kill Your Q3: How to Break Through When It Seems Like Everyone’s on Vacation

Ah, summer. It’s great when you can enjoy your own time off — and for sales executives, it’s maddening when you can’t even get an email back from clients and prospects who are focused on their own R&R. So how do you break through and make such a great impression that your target wants to take that meeting *right away* instead of waiting until they can coordinate vacation schedules? In this 30-minute webinar, Kathy Eagle and AJ Vaughan from Futuri’s TopLine team outline innovative, intriguing ways to break through to key decision-makers in a way that creates urgency and sets you up for revenue success in Q3 and beyond.