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Video consumption is at an all-time high, and you know your listeners eat it up. So how do you capture the benefits video has to offer while working on creating great radio?

TopicPulse Instant Video to the rescue. A companion to TopicPulse, Futuri Media’s revolutionary real-time, AI-powered show prep system, the TopicPulse Instant Video team constantly creates white-labeled videos on the hot topics of the day. Add station branding, push them out on your digital and social platforms, and keep your audience engaged even when they’re not tuned in.

For a quick, engaging view into just what our TopicPulse Instant Video system is capable of creating please check out the example video below.

Video content served fresh daily

TopicPulse Instant Video makes dozens of timely, relevant videos on topics ranging from entertainment to breaking news available to you each day.

Videos incorporate footage and images from red carpets, press events, breaking news situations, and more - and all of them fully licensed, so you don’t have to worry about copyrights.

Huge library of licensed content

Fully customizable for your station

Simply add your station logo and publish as-is, or customize to your heart’s delight, adding your own voiceovers, captions, footage, and more. Whatever works for you!

Not all video sizes work well on all digital and social platforms. TopicPulse Instant Video makes it easy to create videos to multiple specs, maximizing your opportunities for engagement.

Optimized for multiple platforms

Video production for every social platform

TopicPulse Instant Video is an available option for all TopicPulse partners. Contact your Futuri Media rep today to discuss how to access the power of turnkey, timely, station-branded video with TopicPulse Instant Video.

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