Scroll With the Punches: AI and the Future of News

Thanks to social media, it’s nearly impossible to be the first news outlet to break a big story these days; when celebrities like Patton Oswalt can tweet about an earthquake while it’s happening, or a local can upload a video of a tsunami, how can a more traditional newsroom keep up? In this episode of Innovation19, Futuri CEO Daniel Anstandig explains why news media outlets should be turning to AI systems, like Futuri’s TopicPulse, to analyze trends and predict what stories will resonate most with specific demographics. This frees up talented journalists to focus on the most important part of the job: verifying the story and presenting it in a relatable and interesting way. He reveals the “Five V’s” of trends, and what the data can teach us, so newsrooms everywhere can continue to provide important coverage and perspectives on current events. #news #headlines #breakingnews #media #datascience #ai #artificialintelligence #topicpulse