Futuri’s AI-Driven Content, Audience, and Revenue Growth Technology Sees Record Usage Growth in 2020

Solutions like TopLine, POST, and TopicPulse are being used more than ever amid seismic shifts for content creators and broadcasters.

CLEVELAND, December 14, 2020 — In a year of unprecedented change in the ways broadcasters do business and audiences consume content, usage of Futuri’s AI-driven audience engagement and sales intelligence technology hit record highs. Analysis of 2020 product usage data proves that content creators and broadcasters are more reliant than ever on technology across all aspects of their business:

TopicPulse, Futuri’s AI-powered story discovery, show prep, and social content system, has seen 135,688,133 minutes — that’s more than 94,000 days — of usage by partners in 2020. The 61% growth spike in user sessions TopicPulse saw earlier this year when disruptions began has sustained throughout the year as broadcasters look for new ways to differentiate their brands by discovering and creating content that engages their specific target audiences.

POST, Futuri’s podcasting system, has now published podcasts with over ONE BILLION plays, enabling content creators and broadcasters to grow audience and revenue on multiple platforms. Exclusive POST features specifically designed to make the podcasting process fast, easy, and efficient for broadcasters have been key in driving this growth.

TopLine, Futuri’s revolutionary sales intelligence system that pairs cutting-edge AI with expert human analysis, has helped deliver $130 million in advertising/sponsorship revenue for its partners in 2020. This represents TopLine’s highest revenue number ever, despite the fact that this has been an unquestionably tough revenue year for media sales executives.

“This year, there have been seismic shifts in the way broadcasters and publishers create, produce, distribute, and monetize content, and there is no sign that we’re going back to the old way of doing things,” said Futuri CEO Daniel Anstandig. “The massive growth in usage of Futuri’s AI-driven solutions shows that we’re uniquely capable of helping media companies and content creators grow audience and revenue now and in the ‘next normal.’”

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