Futuri Launches POST for TV, Bringing Unparalleled Podcasting Power to Television Broadcasters

New launch helps TV news capitalize on the podcasting boom with the Futuri team’s decades of audio experience, plus increases content ROI by publishing blocks or full newscasts to on-demand platforms immediately.

Cleveland, Ohio, June 23, 2022 — Futuri, the leading provider of AI-driven audience engagement and sales intelligence solutions for broadcasters, today announced the launch of a version of its groundbreaking POST podcasting system specifically designed for the needs of television broadcasters. The new version of POST, which has been relied on by the country’s top radio broadcasters for years to grow their podcasting and on-demand audience and revenue, empowers television broadcasters with industry-specific tools to expand their newscasts’ audio reach in a turnkey fashion.

The POST for TV system enables broadcasters to create, publish, analyze, and monetize both broadcast on-demand and original podcast series from the same platform. The broadcast-specific features work like this:

• AUDIO: POST ingests and automatically edits newscast audio for optimum fidelity.
• COMMERCIALS: Commercials are replaced with programmatic ad markers.
• COMPELLING VISUALS: Pre-set brand images, titles, and descriptions are paired with individual episodes.
• AUTOMATIC PUBLISHING: POST then publishes blocks or full newscasts to audio platforms immediately, or at times pre-set by the user, to multiple on-demand platforms immediately.

Stations using POST also can opt-in to the Futuri Ad Network, which expands revenue opportunities by offering a variety of turnkey monetization options. POST’s technology is patented; Futuri recently added POST patents in Australia and Spain to its extensive IP portfolio, including patents in the US, Canada, and other countries.

“Today’s audiences don’t think of media brands only in terms of ‘TV’ or ‘radio’. Quality content, be it video or audio, is what gets consumers engaged,” said Futuri CEO Daniel Anstandig. “The way we’ve customized the POST podcasting system for the unique needs of television broadcasters will help them quickly capture the audience and revenue growth opportunities that the explosive growth of audio has created.”

For more information on the new television version of POST, click here.