TopLine Webinar: Succeeding Through the Back Half of the Year

TopLine Webinar: Succeeding Through the Back Half of the Year

Just because Q2 has been rough doesn’t mean you can’t hit your 2020 sales goals. TopLine has put together a webinar featuring some of the most creative and successful radio sales executives from around the country to discuss their approach on topics like:

  • Today’s new pain points and how they’re addressing them.

  • What new and emerging categories they’re seeing.

  • How, or if, they’re planning to continue a WFH (or hybrid) model for their teams.

  • Team coaching strategies: How they’ve evolved in the last few months.

Moderated by TopLine’s Sophie Fry and AJ VaughanSucceeding Through the Back Half of the Year is can’t-miss programming for sales executives who are determined to succeed in the new normal. While this live webinar has already taken place, you are welcome to request access to the on-demand webinar for either session by reaching out to us. Here’s to turning things around and turning 2020 into a success!

Session 1


Mary RogersEntercom, Dallas
Jaleigh Long, CMG Atlanta
Paul Blake, Beasley Philadelphia

Session 2

Steve Sinicropi, Entercom Greenville
Kevin Proescher, Cumulus Stockton-Modesto
Jimmy Farrell, CMG Jacksonville
Annette Geiser, iHeartMedia Colorado Springs

These webinars have already taken place. Fill out the form below to gain access to these webinars on-demand.

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