Anstandig on the Future: The Future of Podcasting for Local News

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Local TV broadcasters have the potential to fall behind as the globe shifts to its new digital future. After COVID-19 upended our daily habits and propelled our dependency on connected devices, podcasting is rapidly gaining audience — yet there is a noticeable lack of podcasts focused on local daily news.

But that doesn’t mean local TV broadcasters should fear becoming obsolete. The digital world provides more opportunity than ever, and businesses that accommodate a changing consumer landscape often come out on top. As podcasting audiences and revenue grow, it could be a saving grace for local TV broadcasters.



  • How consumer habits are changing in a work-from-home environment.
  • How major television broadcasting networks are adjusting to these changes.
  • What hurdles — and opportunities — exist for local TV broadcasters who want to get into podcasting.
  • How local TV broadcasters can adopt podcasting in a turnkey way.



  • Consumer habits are changing rapidly.
  • Podcasting has grown significantly in recent years, while cord-cutting is growing.
  • Broadcasters are well-positioned to fill the daily local news void that exists in podcasting.
  • Tools like Futuri’s POST can help stations use their broadcast content to quickly and easily develop a podcast presence.


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