Instantly distribute broadcast and original content into the shareable on-demand market with one click

Transform your broadcast into on-demand audio and instantly publish across multiple platforms

Proprietary algorithm “listens” to your station and identifies types of content

Manage and publish off-air content in the same system

In-studio POST Touchscreen makes bookmarking breaks easy

Fully-licensed image library drives more listens and eliminates copyright issues

POST Planner makes attaching ongoing sponsorships easy


Radio spends millions of dollars a year generating thousands of hours of audio to be used once. POST is on a mission to change that!

With POST, you can easily access all of your station’s broadcast audio, edit it, add an image from our fully-licensed library, and deploy it across Facebook, Twitter, your station’s website, iTunes, and more in a matter of seconds.

Original content can run through the same system, making it easy to manage all your on-demand audio in one place.

POST was designed by radio broadcasters for radio broadcasters. It’s never been easier to grow your audience with on-demand audio!


POST is a must for any station who wants to drive audience and revenue growth through on-demand audio.


Speed to publish enables PPM markets to receive credit for audio listened to within one day


Planner function that allows you to automatically add sponsorships to on-demand audio



Fully-licensed image library empowers you to add engagement-driving photos to audio posts without fear of copyright issues


POST gives sales teams the ability to easily identify and pull breaks they need for clients


Comprehensive training for your team is part of the POST package


Futuri offers 24/7 best-in-class support for POST


Nicole Michalik
Chio in the Morning, Mix 106.1 Philadelphia

“We’ve been using POST for the past few months and it really is an amazing piece of new technology for radio stations! Being able to grab breaks and pieces of audio without having to go through a ton of steps is really life-changing! Plus the fact it posts (no pun intended) right to our social media, saves us time, and obviously helps us reach our audience who may have missed it in the morning, or never got a chance to hear it live.”

Amy Daniels
MyTalk 107.1 KTMY Minneapolis
Program Director

“We don’t have to wait until the show ends to turn a moment on air into something social, shareable and interactive in minutes – literally minutes.”

Keith Kennedy
iHeartMedia North Ohio Region
SVP Programming

“POST has dramatically reduced the amount of time dedicated to managing audio on demand while vastly improving the final product. We’ve received time back in our busy schedules, while providing a better listening experience for our consumers.”

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