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The voice revolution is happening now.

Will you be left behind?

 Remember how media consumption was forever changed when the digital revolution took place? That’s what’s starting to happen now with the voice revolution. Thanks to voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant powering voice-activated devices like smart speakers, headphones, and aftermarket connected car systems, it’s becoming second nature for consumers to speak their wants into action. And there’s a whole new generation of consumers - future PPM panelists and credit card holders - who are growing up voice-native.

Having a strong voice strategy is critical for growth, and having your stream available on an aggregator simply isn’t enough. Futuri Voice develops skills and apps designed to fully maximize the opportunities the voice-activated space represent for radio brands.

Don’t sell your station short - set yourself up for success.

An entire ecosystem built on the soundof one's voice.

Smart speakers are the fastest growing piece of modern technology.

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Nearly one in four of the 12+ USpopulation now owns one or more smart speakers, and it’s estimated that by the end of 2019, there will be 65 milliondevices in the market.(Source: Edison Research, Infinite Dial, March 2019.)

And that’s just smart speakers, which are built around voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant, which can be incorporated into other devices like headphones, aftermarket connected car systems, and smart home products. With Futuri Voice, you can take advantage of these incredible new opportunities in highly engaging ways.

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Catch their ears with custom imaging.

Don’t get lost in the endless sea of content aggregators. Futuri Voice allows you to stand out and showcase your station’s brand and voice with custom imaging before content is launched such as welcome messages from artists or on-air talent.

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Customized to your needs.

Our skills and apps allow you to showcase more than just your stream onvoice-activated devices.

On-demand content

Live stream-to-on-demand experience for show-specific skills

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