What's Trending on social in your market right now? Put TopicPulse in your newsroom or studio and you'll always know with live insights from Twitter, Facebook, and thousands of news sites and message boards.

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Color coded topics show you which topics are hot right now.

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Know when a topic or news story has run out of steam.

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All TopicPulse screens update automatically every minute of the day.

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When comparing topics you see what makes one topic better than another.

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Add multiple topics to compare for a clear answer on which topic is best.

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See real-time updates on topics that are growing at an exponential rate.

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View growth statistics on an individual topic over time.

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Get instant access to images, videos, and news sources related to any topic.

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Use a myriad of filter criteria to highlight the topics that are most useful for you.

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Using the TopicPulse Tweetmap shows you which topics are tweeted the most in your area.

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See the age groups that interact most with a given topic.

Topics from both Mars and Venus

The gender meter shows you proportions in which men and women interact with a topic.

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Smaller versions of age and gender meters appear in main listings to show you immediately if a topic works for your market.

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Futuri Announces New TopicPulse Partnerships with E.W. Scripps Television and WTOP-FM in Washington DC

E.W. Scripps Television is using TopicPulse to fuel a nationally syndicated 4PM show called THE NOW, which uniquely focuses on trending topics and social buzz in each local market. The hour-long program features a mix of local, national, and international news, as well as viral stories, videos, entertainment and lifestyle stories. The show has already launched on WCPO 9 Cincinnati, KMGH Denver's 7, KSHB 41 Action News in Kansas City, WXYZ in Detroit, KNXV in Phoenix, WEWS in Cleveland, WFTS in Tampa,, and WPTV in West Palm Beach. Futuri has also developed customized graphics for the show, which make it possible to put social trends directly on air instantly.

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TopicPulse Glance Screen

Use in the studio or newsroom to see what's hot on social media easily on one screen.


The trailblazers at Entercom Kansas City's KMBZ-AM/FM have TopicPulse on the big screen in the studio!

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Hashtag and Keywords

Integrate the right keywords into your writing and social posts. TopicPulse shows you the best keywords to use to make your content more discoverable on social media and search engines.

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The TopicPulse TweetMap shows you what's trending in your market on Twitter.

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THE NOW TV Show, Powered by TopicPulse

The E.W. Scripps Company uses TopicPulse to power their new 4pm nationally syndicated weekday show, THE NOW.

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TopicPulse designed customized live "direct to air" graphics for Scripps to use on their new 4PM news show, so it's easy to use TopicPulse data live on the air.

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