TopLine Business Acumen Series Digest: October 26th, 2020 edition

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Despite Economic Turmoil, Pet Owners Are Spending More

According to, 34% of surveyed pet owners said the pandemic caused their pet spending to go up, while only 17% said they’re spending less now than before. Many consumers have been looking for companionship while they’re stuck at home, and 46% of survey respondents said they’re planning to add a furry family member in the next six months. 62% of surveyed pet owners said they were shocked at how much pets cost, and some are even outspending their budget for their pets.

“Nearly half (47 percent) of pet owners in this year’s survey have had pet-related debt, up from 36 percent in 2019.”

Could you help pet insurance companies spread the word about their services which could help with expensive emergency vet visits? Could you partner with banks or credit unions to reach pet owners or prospective pet owners about savings accounts specifically for their furry family members?

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Online Vehicle Shopping and Home Delivery are Driving the Automotive Industry

According to a September DealerRater survey, over six in ten recent car buyers want their dealership to deliver their newly purchased car to their home. With the pandemic, consumers are juggling a lot at home, accelerating the use of online car buying and home delivery.

According to chief executive officer Alex Vetter, “while the technology and digital retailing tools are not new to the industry or CARS, there is a noticeable increased usage driven by shopper demand and dealers are rapidly shifting their strategies to meet this new consumer expectation.”

Have your local dealers shifted their strategies to meet the buyers’ needs?

Are Restaurants’ Own Delivery Services Set Up to Surge During the COVID Second Wave?

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic seems to be getting worse by the day. A second wave is currently spreading across the country, so it might just be a matter of time before another lockdown occurs. One of the industries that has already seen a benefit during COVID is 3rd party delivery apps. An article on CNBC notes that sales for GrubHub are up 41% for the second quarter, while overall the industry is up 158%.

While these app delivery services are in a good position to succeed in the 4th qtr, CNBC notes some interesting observations.

In cities like New York and San Francisco, lawmakers are urging for caps on the fees that these companies can charge restaurant owners, as bottom lines are becoming razor-thin.

Some restaurants are beginning to launch their own delivery services to help avoid paying these out of pocket commissions.

Do you have any restaurant clients that might need to hear this message so they can amp up their own food delivery services?

Why Your HVAC System Needs To Be a Priority This Winter

Taking care of a home can be a daunting task at times. There always seems to be something that either need repaired or updated. Nothing is more important right now than your HVAC system. Not only is it a good idea to have your system cleaned and checked before winter, to ensure it is functioning properly, but it’s also important due to COVID-19. A finely tuned system can help mitigate the spread of the virus by doing the following:

  • Supplying clean air.
  • Exhausting contaminated air outdoors.
  • Diluting the air space with cleaner air from outdoors and by filtering the air.
  • Helping to clean the air within the room.

It’s always a good idea to get your furnace serviced every year to not only ensure it is functioning properly but to also help uphold any warranties.

With winter on the horizon, do you have any HVAC clients who could benefit from getting the word out on their services?

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