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TopLine Business Acumen Series Digest: July 27, 2020 edition

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Learning Centers Can Help Fill the Learning Gap

As school districts across the United States devise plans for how they will reopen in the Fall, some parents are working on ways to either provide what they believe will be a safer learning environment or provide additional instruction to augment their child’s education. This article in Axios explores this trend.

One such idea is called a “pod.” These learning pods are formed by a group of families with children of similar ages who will hire a tutor to work with their children at a common location or home.

This option will not work for everyone, though. However, many parents are worried about the efficacy of the education their children are receiving at schools today and are looking at other options. One option has been around for a long time.

Is there a learning center in your area that can tutor children in-center or online? If so, wouldn’t now be a good time for them to remind moms and dads how they can help?

TopLine: Back to School

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Radio and Small Business

Radio’s Influence on Digital Sales

Automotive Aftermarket Opportunities

TopLine: Hair Wellness

Hair Wellness Taking Off

Hair wellness products have been seeing a boost in sales and online searches amidst COVID-19. Although overall wellness has become popular, a major reason for the category growth may be due to stress-induced hair loss.
According to Glossy, “From March to May 2020, year-over-year searches for “hair loss” on Sephora’s site rose by 409%, while searches for hair-loss treatment ingredient biotin rose by 291% in the same time period on Ulta.” As a result, companies are seeing spikes in sales for supplements and other products that stimulate growth. In addition, the stigma around women’s hair loss is starting to lift.

How can you contribute to this growing market?

TopLine: Auto Buyers

Study Shows Growing Interest Among Automotive Shoppers

Although 2020 may have been a surprise to automotive dealers, in terms of auto sales, ”They are certainly not lost due to the pandemic,” according to Madison Gross, CarGurus’ director of customer insights. According to a study by CarGurus:
  • In June, fewer shoppers reported postponing their car purchases than in April.
  • Just 2% of consumers who planned to purchase a vehicle before the pandemic postponed their purchase indefinitely, which is a 6% decrease from April.
  • 22% of consumers who have purchased a vehicle this year or plan to still purchase a vehicle, had not planned to buy a vehicle before COVID-19.
  • Around 44% of consumers who use public transportation plan to stop using their services or decrease their use, due to safety/health concerns.

As more consumers are interested in making auto purchases and public transportation might be used less in the future, could automotive dealers see more sales? How can you help them capture these opportunities?

TopLine: Mortgages

Lenders and Agents Need to Set Themselves Apart

Despite many other problems with the current economy in the U.S., mortgage loan applications for new home purchases and refinancing remain strong.
Applications in the last week from people planning to buy a home were 19.1% higher year-over-year. However, as average fixed-rate mortgages keep dropping, the number of refinancing applications continues to explode.
Homeowners with good credit can now find fixed-rates for 30-year loans under 3%. As a result, refinancing applications in the past week constituted 64% of all the borrowing activity.

This would suggest plenty of opportunities for mortgage lenders and real estate agents. But how do they set themselves apart? Can you help mortgage lenders and real estate agents in your area create messaging that will get them a good share of the business?

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