TopLine Business Acumen Series Digest: January 31, 2022 edition

This week’s most engaging stories

TopLine’s Business Acumen Series features business trends and opportunities to help sales professionals prospect and engage clients. It’s updated several times daily within TopLine. This digest features some of the week’s top stories.

Consumers Love to Work Out At Home!

According to, 34% of surveyed U.S. adults say they plan to exercise at home most often in 2022.  Women and older consumers are more likely to work out most at home in 2022, but Millennials are also interested in at-home fitness.

  • 38% of Adults 55+
  • 36% of Adults 35-54
  • 34% of Adults 25-34
  • 38% of Women
  • 32% of Men

How can you help at-home fitness brands engage with consumers ready to amp up their in-home workouts?  Can you help fitness equipment retailers reach consumers ready to buy or upgrade their at-home exercise equipment?

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Big Bets on the Super Bowl

As more states legalize sports betting, the revenue continues to grow rapidly. This year’s Super Bowl is projected to bring in big revenue for sportsbooks. Many sportsbooks have been spending large amounts in advertising for their new states.

Do you know of sportsbooks looking to break into a new market? Can you connect them to sports fanatics who are looking to gamble? 

Student Loan Payoffs as a Recruitment Tool

Companies in the U.S. are constantly trying to find ways to recruit the best talent, perhaps now more so than ever. One trend that might be gaining some traction is offering to help new employees pay off their student loan debt.

According to, less than 10% of companies currently offer that benefit. However, as many as one-third of companies recently surveyed said they are considering student loan repayment help.

Are there any companies in your area recruiting new talent? Do they offer student loan help? Can you help them deliver messages to take advantage of that fact?

Industries Should Take Note of Social Media Scams

Social media outreach continues to be a vital way for businesses to reach online consumers. However, individuals may be increasingly wary about the legitimacy of social media advertising.

As per a recent FTC report, consumers lost roughly $770 million to social media “scams” in 2021; this figure exceeded totals from 2017 by a staggering 18 times.

Do you know any local businesses that advertise via social media? Can you help them convey a sense of trust and reliability to consumers who may be worried about getting scammed?

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