TopLine Business Acumen Series Digest: February 23rd, 2021 edition

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Automotive Shopping in 2021

Dealers don’t need to drive prospective buyers into a showroom to close the sale. Transparency and trust from the initial point of contact are all automotive buyers are looking for. According to a recent study from Marchex, 97% are serious about purchasing a vehicle when they contact a dealer, but what closes the sale? Over 90% say dealer trust is key in determining where and from whom to purchase a vehicle, and 82% want to know how dealers are implementing safety protocols during COVID-19. Giving prospective buyers an out-the-door price during the initial conversation is crucial to building their trust, and making the sale too.

Are your auto insurance clients utilizing Sundays, middays, or evenings to run their ads? What auto insurance offices in your area could use a boost in foot or web traffic?

Latest Resources from TopLine

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Blue-Collar Job Opportunities Continue to Boom

The U.S. blue-collar workforce has benefited from the recovering job market. Employment in residential construction, package delivery, and warehousing have exceeded pre-pandemic levels as manufacturers have continued to add jobs since the low point last spring. According to the online job website Indeed, job openings in many blue-collar occupations have risen about pre-pandemic levels and remain elevated.

Growth in housing and e-commerce have been major drivers behind the hiring spree for blue-collar occupations. Many economists predict that demand for blue-collar jobs will continue to grow, as demand for online orders and a hot housing market are expected to remain high even after vaccine distributions. “The demand for the workers is not going to go down,” said David Berson, chief economist at Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co. “We’re still going to need good warehousing. We will continue to see great strength in the demand in the construction area, particularly housing.”

As demand for blue-collar occupations continues to remain high, how can you help local and regional businesses reach qualified potential employees?

Baby Boomers Welcome Online Shopping

During the pandemic, baby boomers have surprised retailers by utilizing online shopping. From Insider, “Consumers 65 and older are now the fastest-growing group of online buyers, spending 49% more on the web in 2020 than they did the year prior”. Experts believe this trend won’t be dying anytime soon, either. This age group is most at risk of COVID-19, so online shopping has become a convenient and safe way for them to get their essentials.

What are retailers’ marketing strategies to reach older online shoppers? How can you help them increase these digital sales?

HVAC preventative maintenance for the spring

Spring is quickly approaching and before we know it, our A/C units will be kicking into high gear. It is important to make sure your A/C unit is working properly and efficiently, and there are several benefits to getting your A/C unit serviced regularly. An article on speaks to this and I listed out some of the advantages out below:

  1. Preventing smaller issues from becoming bigger problems.
  2. Protecting your unit’s warranty.
  3. Reducing environmental impact.
  4. Improving the efficiency of your unit.
  5. Saving money.

With people spending much more time indoors, it’s crucial to keep HVAC systems in good working order. How can you help your local HVAC clients spread the word about their important services and products today?

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