TopLine Business Acumen Series Digest: December 27, 2021 edition

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TopLine’s Business Acumen Series features business trends and opportunities to help sales professionals prospect and engage clients. It’s updated several times daily within TopLine. This digest features some of the week’s top stories.

Advertising Can Help Auto Dealers Keep Sales Activity Intact

Despite low inventory, it’s important for automotive dealers to keep building brand awareness among potential customers! Did you know? Auto dealers who increased their ad budgets this year saw less of a sales decline.

  • Between March and August, automotive dealers who decreased their advertising spending 50% to 89% saw their sales volume drop 28%.
  • Dealers who increased their advertising spend roughly 9% between March and August saw a drop in sales of just 9%.

Automotive dealers can get ahead by altering their ad messages. Here’s how:

  • Promoting vehicle buy-back programs to increase inventory.
  • Promoting service or repair options to build revenue.

As inventory revs up for auto in 2022, what are local dealers’ ad strategies?

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Inflation on Alcohol Prices On the Horizon

Consumers should expect to see an increase in alcoholic beverages heading into the new year. Many retailers have been trying to keep the consumer from paying the price increase but that will soon start to change. Retailers will no longer be able to keep their prices low due to increase shipping costs and glass manufacturing. It is expected for alcoholic beverages have inflationary prices within the next three to six months.

Shelves are also very empty with these complications. Around 11% of alcoholic beverages are out of stock in the United States. Consumers and alcohol retailers are in for some difficult times.

Do you know of alcohol retailers that are able to offer lower prices during these hardships? Can you connect them with drinkers?

Labor Shortages are Causing Delays in New Construction Projects

In the month of October, there were 410,000 open construction positions.

According to HBSDealer, “as a result, the housing market continues to be underbuilt due to the need for additional labor, along with materials and lots. And as labor costs in construction rise, so do home prices.”

In fact, 90% of single-family home builders reported a shortage of subcontractors.

How can you help construction companies recruit more workers?

Covid-19 Boosters and Indoor Dining

Some restaurants in highly populated areas are requiring customers to have proof of a booster vaccination in order to dine-in. Many restaurants are holding strong to their new demands and say their policy will not change. Covid vaccines continue to be a controversial topic for the population and certain decisions may hinder business.

Do you know of restaurants looking to advertise their take-out business? Can you connect them to potential customers who are more comfortable or more likely to use the take-out business?

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