TopLine Business Acumen Series Digest: December 15th, 2020 edition

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COVID-19 Shifted Consumer Focus in 2020. So, What Will Americans Purchase in 2021?

Everything changed quickly after the onset of COVID-19. Consumers shifted to shopping online or using BOPIS services and turned their focus to different items, such as DIY and bread makers as they spent more of their time at home.
However, it appears, consumers have set their sights on purchasing specific items over the next year, according to a recent Brightpearl report.

Key items consumers plan to purchase over the next year:

  1. 37% Shoes
  2. 28% Mobile phone
  3. 26% Laptop
  4. 25% DIY
  5. 24% Video games

Are your local retailers staying top-of-mind, and promoting their latest deals on shoes, mobile phones, laptops, video games, and DIY?

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Holiday 2020

Radio’s ROI is up

Meal subscription services

Short-Term Rental Properties Could Help Bring Tourism Back to Cities

According to, the pandemic drove more travelers to the wide-open spaces of rural areas, beaches, and parks, but short term rental accommodations may help bring tourists back to cities. Rental companies like Sonder and Casai said they have been filling 75% or more of their rentals during the pandemic, but they’re seeing more long-term stays than before. During the summer, they saw a lot of remote workers who came to the cities to work and enjoy city amenities, and rental companies believe remote workers will continue traveling to new work locations after the pandemic is over.

How can you help spread the word for short-term rental companies to attract remote workers that may be looking for a change of scenery? Can you partner with tourism boards and short-term rental companies to lure potential travelers with offers of safer accommodations?

The Automotive Industry is Hopeful

Consumers’ willingness to try online car buying tools, embracing the online car purchasing process is a sign of hope for the automotive industry. According to a CarGurus study, pre-pandemic, only 35% of survey respondents said they were willing to purchase a vehicle on the internet. However, as of November, 60% are now open to buying online. [Instantly access TopLine’s “Why Radio? piece for auto dealers by clicking here.]

As more consumers become accustomed to using online car purchasing tools, are your local dealerships staying top-of-mind?

Schools That Offer Medical Programs Have an Opportunity to Boost Enrollment

While the number of enrollments at America’s colleges and universities has fallen during 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has had an opposite effect on applications to medical school programs.

The Stanford University School of Medicine had 11,000 people apply for 90 seats in their program. Meanwhile, 12,024 students applied to the Boston University School of Medicine. Only 110 seats are available.

The visibility of medical professionals as they battle the pandemic appears to be spurring the 18% increase in medical school applications nationally when compared to last year. Some have likened the response to the increase in military enlistments after 9/11.

Are there schools in your area that can appeal to people who want to be part of the medical professions’ fight against infectious diseases and other life-threatening issues? Can you help those schools make such an appeal?

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