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TopLine Business Acumen Series Digest: August 17th, 2020 edition

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Pandemic May Bring a Rise in Telehealth Relationship Counseling

According to, a recent survey showed that 20% of American respondents felt their partners were more irritating during the pandemic. Respondents gave several reasons for relationship issues such as 43% saying they feel their relationship is more serious due to COVID-19. 54% of respondents are concerned about money, and 34% worry about future childcare arrangements.

How can relationship therapists use telehealth to help people dealing with these issues? How can you help spread the word for counselors offering telehealth and in-person services?

Telehealth Relationship Counseling

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Female Motorcycle Owners

Baby Boomers During COVID-19

5 Ways COVID-19 Has Changed Consumer Habits

Digital Orders

Advice for Restaurants to Increase Digital Orders offers the following expert tips to make online ordering more successful for restaurants.

  • Don’t use a third party ordering and delivery service.
  • Make online menu accessible and tweak it for online ordering.
  • Integrate the menu into the online ordering system.
  • Advertise online ordering.
  • Make good use of social media and email marketing.
  • Consider a loyalty program for online orders.
  • Make delivery faster if possible.

How can you help spread the word for restaurants about their online ordering and delivery services? How can you advise your clients based on these tips?

Travel Fads

Experts Are Seeing New Travel Fads

According to, travel experts are seeing consumers take vacations that are several weeks long because they can work remotely. They are also seeing families go on vacations with other families; they said 79% of surveyed families would vacation this way. 87% of surveyed travelers said they planned to take a road trip this summer, but 66% said they would still travel by airplane.

Travelers are interested in as much of a touchless experience when traveling as possible. However, they are much more interested in advice or bookings by an experienced travel agent to prevent inconveniences from cancellations and other issues. Travel insurance and flexible cancellation policies are much more important to travelers than they were before.

How can travel agents and destinations take advantage of these trends? How can you spread the word for local travel agents?

Office Supplies Sales Rising

New Areas of Growth for Office Supplies

“Office supplies industry dollar sales in the U.S. are forecasted to remain stable through 2022, with hand cleaners and other janitorial and breakroom supplies being the main source of growth as attitudes and behaviors related to COVID-19 continue to reshape the industry,” according to The NPD Group’s Future of Office Supplies report.

NPD estimates that sales of janitorial supplies will increase substantially to over $16 billion by 2022. The product categories that are projected to see the biggest sales jump are hand sanitizer and wipes, tissues and dispensers and disposable plates and bowls.

With more Americans continuing to work from home, NPD also estimates that there will be a spike in office supplies sales. Supplies such as filing and file storage, office paper, and general office essentials, along with binders and paper notebooks, are expected to see sales growth over the next few years.

How are your clients’ stores promoting their inventory?

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