The ultimate story discovery tool for broadcasters, analyzing thousands of local social posts and news sources every minute

Scan Facebook and Twitter trends plus 100k+ verified sources of news and information


Idea Starters: live stream of content ideas specific to your audience, in-app and emailed twice daily

Get insights about the stories that resonate with your location-specific target demo right now

Real-time show prep with a
simple-to-use interface

See which stories are about to break big, and which are on the downswing

Get TopicPulse on the go with our mobile app

Idea Starters: live stream of content ideas specific to your audience, in-app and emailed twice daily

TopicPulse Content Stream Screengrab 10.5.17

TopicPulse’s partners now have a powerful new companion designed to strengthen your competitive edge. TopicPulse’s new Idea Starters takes its powerful real-time story discovery tools and marries it with the writing and curation skills of broadcast pros.

In the TopicPulse app, you’ll see a live stream of content ideas specific to your audience. Intended as a companion to TopicPulse’s powerful story discovery tools, this material is written in a way that’s easy to use as-is on-air and on social channels.

The TopicPulse Idea Starters’ data-driven topic suggestions are also delivered to partners in twice-daily audience-specific e-mails intended for planning purposes. These are just the latest TopicPulse innovations designed to help drive ratings growth!


TopicPulse empowers broadcasters with the data tools to discover the stories that will resonate with their target audiences. Scanning Facebook, Twitter, and more than 100,000 verified sources of news and information, TopicPulse’s technology can identify which demos in which areas are responding to stories, and where those stories are in their life cycle.

TopicPulse: an incredibly powerful tool for anyone who’s charged with creating live and local content that keeps their audience engaged.


TopicPulse is packed with powerful features designed to keep your audiences engaged and give you an edge. Take a look at this selection, and then let’s talk about how we can customize TopicPulse for your unique needs.


TopicPulse gives you real-time insight into the stories that are clicking with your target audience. There’s no story discovery tool that’s more powerful.


Our free app puts the power of TopicPulse in your pocket and sends you push notifications for the stories you need to know are breaking.


TopicPulse helps drive your digital numbers by recommending hashtags to use on social and tagging the stories with high viral social potential.


Create “pulses,” or story lists, based on the criteria important to you – geo-fence, DMA, age, gender, keyword lists, or any of several other filters.


TopicPulse automatically tags Low News Coverage (those high on social, low on media coverage) so you can be the first to bring them to your audience.


Customize the TopicPulse screen for your studio or newsroom to instantly see which stories are growing – and which are fading.

WRKO-AM Boston/Entercom

Every programmer needs this tool. It is incredibly powerful and there are so many uses for this it. Our team has gotten the most use out of the “about to go viral.”  Allowing us to be the first on national, and more importantly, local stories, that our audience is talking about.

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